Will Camping World Price Match? | A Tactical Guide

Camping World has a history of offering incredible camping equipment and gear deals. Since 1966, Camping World has provided RV enthusiasts and campers with a wide range of camping equipment and services. Nowadays, their prices seem too good to be true. Are they really offering price matching?

Camping World offers price matching for as long as you show proof of the competitors’ pricing, proof of the time of purchase, and proof that you’re within the specified time frame. On top of that, the item you want the price matched has to pass the Camping World Price Match Rules.

If you want to learn more about Camping World, what the rules of price matching are, what items are considered or excluded from the process, what the process is like, and more, continue reading below. In this article, we’ll inform you about everything you need to know about Camping World and what they offer.

Camping World Price Match Guide

1. Rules for Camping World Price Match

Camping World is one of the most popular retailers in the United States. They’ve been around for a long time and have grown into a company that offers a variety of products and services in the camping niche.

One thing that sets them apart from other companies is their commitment to providing customers with great service and competitive pricing.

The first step in getting your hands on some amazing deals at Camping World is to make sure you understand the rules of the Price Match program.

You won’t get any discounts if you do not follow these rules. The Camping World Price Match Program is designed to help consumers save money by giving them access to special promotions.

To qualify for the price match, you must purchase an item directly from Camping World. You need to show proof of the competitor’s pricing.

This includes store receipts, printouts from online shopping sites, and even email messages. You won’t receive the discount if you cannot provide proof. The proof needs to be presented when purchased.

If you buy something online, it should be shipped to the address listed on the receipt. If you bought the product in-store, you should bring it back to where you purchased it.

Proof must be presented for price adjustments in-store within 14 days of the purchase. The Camping World Price Match program does not cover shipping costs.

Proof must be presented for online price adjustments within 30 days of the purchase. Shipping charges are included in the online price.

Rules for Camping World Price Match

2. How to Submit the Price Adjustment?

You need to contact the customer service team to submit an item price adjustment.

You can do that by calling them at ( 1-866-450-4739 ) or going to the in-store team. Either way, there are some things you need to prepare for the process to go smoothly.

  1. You need to list the competitor’s name.
  2. Include detailed information about the item, such as the name, the usability, the category, and more.
  3. You need to specify the competitor’s price that you saw.
  4. Lastly, you need to provide where you saw the item featured. Remember that the link you provide should also show the price.

If the product doesn’t fall under any exclusion rules provided by Camping World, the customer service rep can award you a price match or give back the money to compensate for the item.

3. Items Considered for Camping World Price Match Policy

Camping World has very specific rules and considerations, so they don’t end up paying for the item when it’s under the production cost. That’s why there are certain limitations.

For your item to be considered for the Price Match, it must pass certain criteria.

The color of the item you want to purchase has to be the same as the color where you’ve found the item in the competitor’s catalog.

There cannot be different-sized products even if they are variations of the same model. The size of the items needs to be the same.

The model of the item has to be the same, same year, and same serial number specification up to the last digit.

Finally, the condition of the item needs to be the same. Whether you’re buying it new or used, it has to match for the item to be considered for the Price Match.

You have to keep in mind that the Camping World customer representative will consider the shipping price that the competitor offers.

If they offer a lower priced product but a higher shipping rate, this item will not pass the Price Match process.

Since this is considered a marketing tactic, it means that in the end, they don’t really offer a lower price than Camping World.

4. Camping World Price Match Process

Once you’ve submitted the request, the customer service rep will review the situation and ensure that the item meets the requirements before awarding you a price match.

They’ll ask you questions regarding the item and its features. This helps them determine whether the item is eligible for the Price Match or not.

The first thing that you need to do is to gather all the information you need about the rules of the Price Match policy.

If you think you match, you need to contact a Camping World customer representative or go to their in-store offices.

They may ask you to send pictures of the item to prove that it matches what you were looking for.

Usually, they will ask for the competitor’s website link where the product is showcased, showing the price clearly. You then must show proof of the payment to the competitor’s site.

Once the payment proof is verified, the Camping World customer service rep will check the transaction details and confirm that the item was purchased from the competitor’s site.

After confirming everything, they will inform you how much you will get refunded. You will receive an email notification once the refund is complete. The process is straightforward.

However, if you don’t have everything you need, you’ll have to go through it again.

Camping World Price Match Process

5. Some Exclusions From the Camping World Price Match Policy

While we know that Camping World’s mission is to provide the best deal for a camping product from around the web, there are some exclusions.

To learn more about what items and what some of Camping World’s exclusions are, continue reading the article below. Camping World does not offer Price Matching for:

Special Orders: These include special orders from competitors, such as custom orders, promotional items, etc.

Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs are usually offered by big box retailers like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Costco, etc.

Camping World doesn’t participate in loyalty programs, so they can’t take advantage of them or provide price matching.

Rebates: Manufacturers and retailers usually give rebates. Camping World doesn’t give rebates, so they can’t be matched.

Credit Offers: Credit offers are usually offered by credit card companies and other financial institutions. They often come with low-interest rates and extended terms.

Camping World doesn’t offer credit offers, so they can’t participate in them.

Products with Financing: Products with financing cannot be matched because Camping World doesn’t offer financing options.

Cyber Week: Cyber Week is a week-long event that takes place every year in October. It’s a time when many online stores hold huge discounts on various products.

Camping World doesn’t participate in this event, so they can’t offer Price Matching during this period.

Purchases with Gift Cards: Camping World doesn’t allow customers to use gift cards to purchase products, or they won’t qualify for Price Matching.

Service Pricing: Service pricing is also excluded from the Price Match Policy.

Post-Thanksgiving Sales: Post-Thanksgiving sales are typically held after Thanksgiving Day, and they’re meant to clear out inventory left over from Black Friday.

Camping World doesn’t participate in post-Thanksgiving sales, so they can’t match prices during these events either.

Flash Sales: Flash sales are temporary promotions that last only a few days. Camping World doesn’t participate in flash sales, so they can’t match prices during these events.

6. How Do Price Adjustments Work with Camping World?

If you find a lower price elsewhere, contact the Camping World Customer Care team. They will adjust the price accordingly if your order qualifies for a Price Match.

You will still receive the original price if your order doesn’t qualify for a Price Match.

The customer service representatives will ask you to send pictures of the item(s) and the competitor website where you found the lower price.

Once they confirm everything, they will inform the customer care representative, who will adjust. This may take up to 24 hours.

You will receive an email notification once the price change is made, and the difference will be rewarded back to you.

The process is the same as the price matching; however, you have to consider the period during which you want to make the price adjustment.

If you want to ask for a price adjustment over the telephone, you’ve got 30 days to do so since the purchase of the item.

If you want to ask for an in-store price adjustment, you need to request one within 14 days of the purchase.

7. Employees of Camping World Receive Discounts!

Yes, employees of Camping World get discounts! If you know someone who’s an employee, you might even get further discounts on your already matched price.

If you see someone wearing a Camping World shirt, it means they’re part of the company. These people don’t just wear shirts – they live and breathe camping.

So, if you see someone working at the store, chances are they know their stuff.

Camping World employees can use an Employee Discount Program to save up to 25% off their purchases. They can also use a Coupon Code for even further savings.

On top of that, they’re not only limited to discounts for items they’re selling. They can use these benefits even with partners of Camping World.

As an employee at Camping World, you can save money by being part of their team and receiving discounts for things like fitness centers, wireless providers, and NASCAR races.

All of which are partners of Camping World. You can also use these benefits for the Camping World RV Parks, Camping World Outlet Stores, and Camping World Racing Resorts.

Discounts are available for purchases made at their online store. Combining them with other offers helps you save even more money.

Employees of Camping World Receive Discounts

8. What Makes Camping World Price Match Policy Special?

The Price Matching feature is also one of the best features offered by Camping World. This allows customers to compare prices from different retailers and see if they got the best deal or not.

If there’s a reputable vendor that has a lower price than Camping World, they’ll match the price and offer you that product. This way, you won’t pay more than you should for your camping equipment.

Camping World has been around for decades. It’s a family-owned business and has been growing since its inception. It was founded in 1966, and it worked perfectly as a small family business as well.

That makes it older than most companies today. But it hasn’t lost any of its charm or appeal. And that’s why they’d rather price match than be seen as just another company. They truly value the customer.

Camping World is a place where families come together to buy camping gear and equipment. And when you shop there, you’ll feel right at home.

It’s a place where you can find great deals on camping equipment and supplies. Whether you’re looking for tents, stoves, sleeping bags, or anything else, you’ll find them at Camping World.

Another unique thing about Camping World is that it was the first company to sell RV or recreational vehicles through its catalogs.

Before them, the RV industry was dull, and you could have only bought RVs by going to local stores such as Sears or Montgomery Ward.

9. Does Price Matching Void Their Return Policy?

If you haven’t opened or used an item, you can return it or exchange it within 90 days of the purchase. To do that, you must include a copy of the receipt with the untouched product in its original packaging.

There are some exclusions for this, but we will talk about it in the next section. However, getting your price matched doesn’t mean that you become ineligible for the return policy benefits!

Remember that electronic devices need to be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. 

How to Return an Item to Camping World by Mail:

  1. Contact their customer support at: 1-866-450-4739
  2. Complete the exchange/return form and make sure to include a valid reason.
  3. Make sure you’ve packaged the item securely and include everything needed, such as the invoice, the return form, and the item.
  4. Ship the item to the return address, which can be found on the invoice. Remember that you must pay shipping fees when returning an item.
  5. Within 10 to 15 days, the cost of the item will be credited to the card used to make the purchase.

How to Return an Item to Camping World at a Retail SuperCenter:

  1. Whether you bought the item online or through a store doesn’t matter. You can exchange or return them at any SuperCenter nationwide. When you return the item to the center, ensure you get the original invoice.
  2. The retail location specialist will review your case, and if everything is okay, you will get a full refund. Keep in mind that the shipping prices are not refundable.

Closing Thoughts

Camping World is a well-known name among campers and outdoor enthusiasts. They provide quality products at affordable prices. You can easily find all kinds of camping equipment and accessories here.

They also offer a Price Match that allows you to compare prices from other vendors and see if you got the best deal.

This is one of the best features available, and it’s definitely one of the reasons the community likes it so much.

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