Is Camping Fun? (23 Reasons Why People Love it)

So you’ve heard about camping and want to see what all the fuss is about? Perhaps spending the night in a tent is not appealing, but we are here to prove you wrong. Camping is much more than just sleeping outside. It’s a sensory experience with nature unlike any other. 

Camping offers something fun for everyone. With camping, you can learn new skills, relax without technology, or develop your knowledge of the natural world. Camping also gives you a chance to exercise and make memories. It’s an adventure that you can create completely on your own terms!

This article will explain why camping is fun and why people love it. Below we’ve made a list of 23 reasons why camping is fun, and we’re sure one of these reasons will appeal to you!

23 Reasons Why Camping is Fun

Why do humans love camping? The list of reasons is endless! Above all, people find camping enjoyable because it’s a fun experience with nature unlike anything else.

Keep reading to find out just why it’s so special.

1. Adventure

When someone asks why camping is fun, my first response is that it’s an adventure! Camping gets you into the outdoors to experience the natural world intimately.

Camping takes you to places that your day-to-day life may not offer. If you like the unexpected or traveling to new destinations, then camping will always provide you with a sense of adventure.

It’s a versatile enough activity to choose what kind of adventure you want to experience.

Whether camping in a glamping-style yurt on the edge of a lake or wilderness camping in the backcountry, you can tailor it to what you want and feel comfortable with.

2. Experience Nature

Camping allows you to experience nature as no other activity can. With camping, you can choose to sleep in the very heart of our natural world.

You can sleep under the stars, next to the sea, in the middle of a forest, or even on top of a mountain range.

Experiencing nature can also mean building a fire from wood you’ve gathered or hiking through snow to find where you’ll be camping.

The fresh air you’re likely to be intaking when experiencing nature can also help relieve stress, making it even more enjoyable. 

3. Learn Survival Skills

Camping is also fun because you can learn and improve your survival skills. Survival skills don’t necessarily mean you have to Bear-Grylls it. Camping can involve:

  • Navigating with a compass and map.
  • Building a fire, or
  • Constructing a shelter from natural materials.

In a world that’s increasingly digitally focused, it’s exciting to develop hands-on skills. Developing these skills is not only great for stimulating our minds and bodies but can also save lives.

For instance, developing first aid skills while camping can also be transferable to everyday life. This makes it even more satisfying to learn!

Learn Survival Skills

4. Get Off the Grid

When we talk about ‘the grid,’ we’re talking about our attachment to digital devices and electrical outlets.

It can feel impossible to live without technology having some input into our lives, but camping allows you to get off the grid. Instead of using an oven for cooking your meals, you can build a fire to grill dinner!

The same goes for our mobile phones, which can be hard to put down.

Some camping destinations will not have phone reception, so you can eliminate the temptation to endlessly scroll and concentrate on the wildlife around you.

5. Watch and Learn About Wildlife

Learning about the wildlife in our natural world is fun and can enlighten us as to how we can improve habitats and lead sustainable lives for all.

Watching and learning about wildlife is easier when camping as you don’t need to travel far to be right in the middle of it.

Catching sight of a rare bird or identifying the trees around you beats any trip to the zoo.

Once more, learning about wildlife gives us more knowledge about important ecosystems that keep our world ticking and our air clean. With camping, it’s just made so much easier!

6. Beautiful Scenery

Viewing beautiful scenery can create a sense of peace and relaxation.

Some of the most breathtaking landscapes you can imagine are only accessible by hiking to them, and camping gives you all the flexibility to explore nature right on your doorstep.

You can camp in the beautiful alpine forests of Maine or on the glorious white beaches of Florida. Whatever scenery most takes your fancy, you can find it and experience it camping.

7. Make Memories

Talking from experience, some of my fondest childhood memories were camping with my friends and family.

Roasting marshmallows on a fire and finding that hooting owl at night are all memories that last a lifetime. It doesn’t just apply to kids, either. You can make camping memories as an adult!

Learning new skills, meeting new friends, and catching a glimpse of wildlife can create core memories you’ll cherish.

Make Memories

8. Exercise

Exercise is important for healthy bodies and clear minds. Almost always, when you’re camping, you’ll have unlimited access to hikes, walks, and other outdoor activities.

Whether you prefer to rock climb or you like cycling, camping can make these more fun and enjoyable in new spaces.

The best part is that you can also choose how much exercise you want to do, so it’s completely adaptable. Get out of the gym, and let fresh air make your endorphin levels flow. 

9. Stargazing

A favorite camping pastime of mine is stargazing.

Camping can take you to places with limited light pollution, and once you combine that with clear night skies, you’ve got the perfect conditions for stargazing.

Pick out Orion’s belt, search for the Milky Way or contemplate extraterrestrial life in outer space. You don’t need a telescope or prior astrology knowledge to enjoy stargazing.

All you need is your eyes and something comfy to lie on!

10. Foraging

A great activity to get stuck into while camping is foraging.

Regardless of the season, you can always forage for something, and that’s part of its charm whether you search for blackberries in summer or wild garlic in spring.

It can be satisfying to source ingredients yourself and cook up a storm.

Before picking at any old bush, make sure you forage within the law and never eat anything unless you are 100% sure you know what it is.

Mushroom foraging is becoming popular while camping, but you need to ensure you are foraging safely and properly identify species.

Start with some of the more easily identifiable ones, compare with any common look-alikes, and work from there. The consequences could give you a trippy vision or put you in the hospital!

11. Cooking Over a Campfire

Cooking over a campfire is unique and fun. Unlike cooking on a stove and oven, a campfire gives you a completely different feeling!

Making dinner over a campfire is extremely satisfying because first, you have to build your fire, prep your food, cook it safely, and then enjoy.

We’d recommend taking easy-to-cook items like burgers or prepping a couple of meals at home beforehand to make this even simpler.

It’s also a free heater, so you’ll keep warm while you enjoy your meal.

Cooking Over a Campfire

12. Do Exactly What You Want to Do

The best thing about camping is that you can do exactly what you want. If you want to lie in a hammock all day, you can. You can also hike or cycle when you want to.

It’s all possible as much or as little as you want. Time isn’t a concern when you’re camping. Take it as easy as you like and settle into the pace you want. Camping doesn’t have to be manic.

13. Outdoor Activities at your Fingertips

Camping gives you the advantage of having outdoor activities at your fingertips. Depending on where you camp, you can have the option to hike, fish, hunt, climb, ski, or even kayak.

The outdoor activities you can experience when camping are limitless, and the flexibility of camping allows you to choose a campground that’s close to exactly which activity you find most enjoyable. 

14. No Alarms

One of the best things about camping is that there are no alarm clocks. You can wake up whenever you fancy. That might be with the morning sun or, well, after breakfast.

You don’t need to worry about the time when you’re camping, which can be a huge stress relief. What’s more fun than a full night’s sleep?

15. Hiking

As mentioned in the exercise section, hiking is easier when camping as you’re likely already in the middle of nature. Hiking is great for your body and mental health.

Especially if day-to-day life is hectic, hiking can put it all in perspective. Climbing a mountain or trekking through forests is also a great way to experience nature and learn about wildlife. So it’s a double bonus!


16. Rough it Up!

Sometimes it’s nice to get a bit dirty, and camping lets you completely rough it up! No need to worry about the pressure of looking flawless. Camping is all about going with whatever is happening.

Kinky hair, dirt under your fingernails, and sweaty clothes are all part of the joys of camping. You can leave the make-up at home and relax into the real you.

We would still recommend a degree of hygiene, so don’t forget your deodorant!

17. Grow Confidence

Camping allows you to rely on yourself, and this can boost your confidence!

Setting up camp, building a fire, and developing other skills can build confidence, and capabilities, which is great for your mental health.

Sleeping in a tent overnight might feel scary, but it’s fun to build trust with yourself.

Growing confidence through camping is also great for children, who can learn new things in a controlled environment. Whatever your age, it can be strengthening to grow confidence while camping. 

18. Camping is Cost Effective

Holidays can be expensive, adding unnecessary stress to a time of relaxation. This is not an issue with camping, as many budget options are available.

Spending less money than you plan to is always more fun than going over your limit. You can always find cost-effective meals and equipment for your trip.

Think about all the free camping activities, such as hiking and stargazing! You can know about more such activities in my article on fun camping activities!

19. Hunting

A great activity to take advantage of when camping is hunting. Not only can you develop new skills such as tracking, but you can also eat completely clean.

Sitting in a stand, waiting for your prey to arrive, is much more exciting than it sounds and will lead to more animal encounters than you can imagine.

On top of this, the satisfaction that comes from hunting an animal brings you closer to your primal instinct.

You also don’t need to worry about eating processed meat because you’re getting it as fresh as it comes. We do recommend checking hunting laws and limitations in an area beforehand!


20. Fishing

Alongside hunting comes fishing. A popular hobby for campers near a water source, fishing is therapeutic! It’s a rewarding activity that is exciting and relaxing.

You also don’t need to be a pro to get fishing. Many campsites will offer fishing gear you can burrow and recommendations for where it is best to fish.

You can also get some healthy competition between you and your camping buddies. It’s also great to head back to your tent afterward, light your campfire, and grill up your catch!

21. Travel Anywhere!

Camping allows you to travel just about anywhere. If you like discovering new places, camping is a great way to travel flexibly.

Whether you’re a beach person, a forest person, or just like exploring new places, camping makes it easy and affordable! Even if you don’t want to travel far, you can always camp in your garden.

22. Meet New People

Camping can also be enjoyable as you meet new people with similar interests. Connecting with your neighbors at your campsite can be great, and you might make like-minded friends!

If you prefer some time away from others, camping is flexible enough to always find something else to do or move your tent somewhere more private.

You don’t have to be stuck talking to someone you don’t get on with.  

23. Grow Deeper Relationships

Camping can take you on adventures with the ones you love, and nothing can be more heartfelt than growing deeper relationships.

Building campfires, trekking through the woods, and setting up camp can help to foster closer bonds with the people around you.

This, in turn, makes the experience more enjoyable and memorable. While being away from the distraction of technology, you can cherish those face-to-face conversations and build closer bonds.

Grow Deeper Relationships

Camping Is the Perfect Getaway for Everyone…

There are so many reasons to find camping fun, whether taking part in outdoor activities like hiking or taking a slower pace and just chilling out.

We hope this list of reasons clarifies why camping offers something fun for everyone. Now all that’s left is for you to get packed and out there!

Shailen Vandeyar

A proud Indian origin Kiwi who loves to plant trees and play with his pet bunny when not out in the woods, exploring the infinite beauty of mother nature.

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