Beach Camping Basics (Its Benefits + Tips)

Beach camps are a great way to enjoy the seashore by setting up a temporary camp on or near the ocean. If you’ve been thinking about maximizing your time spent in the great outdoors this spring and summer, a beach camp might be the right fit for you. Before planning a fun beach trip, you should know what a beach camp is.

A beach camp is a recreational activity where you set up a temporary camp on or near the beach. Some have simple tent shelters, while others have cottages or glamping tents for rent. Amenities range from restrooms and showers to spas, restaurant access, swimming pools, or more at some locations.

Here is what you need to know to learn more about a beach camp and how you can have fun in the sun.

Beach Camp: A Basic Definition

Spending a weekend at the beach is appealing when the sun shines bright, and the weather starts to turn warmer.

A beach camp might be the perfect fit for a summer hangout for you and your friends, but what exactly is a beach camp?

In short, a beach camp is a recreational activity where participants set up a temporary camp on the beach or somewhere nearby.

Beach camps are a popular destination for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Some prefer to set up camp solo, while others go as part of a group through schools, summer camps, or even as part of a travel company’s offerings.

Families, friends, and couples can enjoy the benefits and each other’s company just as much as a solo traveler.

Beach Camp A Basic Definition

What to Expect at a Beach Camp?

Once you’re convinced that a beach camp is a perfect activity for the spring and summer, you need to know what to expect.

Do check out my guide on what is beach camping like for more details.

1. Accommodations

Much like traditional camping, there are many different types of beach camp styles that you could participate in.

Some are simple tents that provide a little shelter from the blazing sun, while others may have more luxurious accommodations such as beachfront cottages and even a glamping tent or two.

2. Amenities

Accommodations can vary depending on which beach you decide to camp on and the surrounding area. Popular destinations often have amenities that can make your experience much more pleasant.

Some basic amenities that many beach camps offer include restrooms and showers. However, more popular destinations will have extensive facilities that make a trip unforgettable.

For example, they might have swimming pools when the ocean isn’t for you. A spa experience is also a more glamorous accommodation that many offer.

3. Food and Dining

Eventually, you’ll get at least a little hungry and should know your options for food and dining.

A beach camp may have grills that you can use to cook hot dogs or burgers for a simple and classic meal that goes well with spending the day outdoors.

Others may be located near tourist hotspots, giving you access to plenty of restaurants and bars.

Food and Dining

4. Activities

You won’t run out of fun things to do when you set up a beach camp.

Many beach campers enjoy the simple activities that most people do when they go to the beach: swimming, laying in the sun, and even surfing.

However, this isn’t the only way to make the most of the beach. Many have hiking trails, courts for beach volleyball, and even rentals for paddle boards or kayaks.

Or you may check out my list of beach camping activity ideas and beach games ideas to find something that suits you.

Benefits of a Beach Camp

Of course, spending a day at a beach camp has many benefits. This is a unique way to experience nature and unplug from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle.

If you want to head to a beach camp, here are some benefits you might see. Check out my comprehensive guide on beach camping benefits for more details.

Benefits of a Beach Camp

1. Health and Relaxation Benefits

Did you know being in nature is one of the best health benefits? Spending time in the sun can reset your melatonin levels, the neurochemical that regulates your sleep cycles.

With better rest on the nights following your beach camp experience, you’ll have an improved mood and feel more rested.

Melatonin isn’t the only chemical that is affected by sunlight, though. Cortisol (the stress hormone) lowers when you spend lots of time in the sunlight.

In turn, this can help you to better manage your stress levels and keep your blood pressure more even.

With all of these benefits, it’s clear that sunshine and a little fresh air will improve the way you feel in your body and give you a more positive mood.

2. Social Benefits

Setting up a beach camp is also a great way to connect with old and new friends.

Planning activities based on the amenities offered at your beach camp is a low-key way to plan a laidback hangout session with the people you love.

Not to mention, spending a day or two at the beach is just plain fun! 

3. Environmental Benefits

Think about how much water and electricity you might use if you were to stay home. You might even want to tally how much gas you would spend driving to an exotic locale for the day.

You’ll consume fewer resources by spending the day in nature. Overall, it’s good for you, your mood, body, and the environment.

Environmental Benefits

Tips for a Successful Beach Camp Experience

Are you ready to schedule your first beach camp experience? These helpful tips will help you lay the foundation for a successful beach camp experience.

1. Choosing the Right Camp

If you want to try out a beach camp, it’s important to start by choosing the right one. Be clear on what you expect from accommodations and amenities.

Spots off the beaten path might be great to unplug, but they could lack the infrastructure you’re looking for in a camp.

On the other hand, touristy destinations could give you access to more dining, shopping, and luxury accommodations.

Choosing the Right Cam

2. What to Pack

Setting up a beach camp is much the same as if you were going to spend the day on the seashore. Pack a cooler with plenty of ice to keep drinks and perishable goods cold.

You’ll also want to pack a portable chair, as sitting on the sand can get old. If you decide to lay out, pack a beach blanket that gives you more space to spread out.

Depending on the accommodations at your camp, you might want to pack your sun umbrella to provide you with some much-needed shade.

Don’t forget plenty of sunscreen, water bottles, hats, and sunglasses for everyone in your party.

A small dustpan and broom set can help you sweep sand out of your shelter for when you need a break from the beach.

For an in-depth resource on the same, check out my article on beach camping essentials packing list.

3. Safety Tips

One of the most obvious safety tips when setting up a beach camp is to be mindful of the tides. You don’t want your shelter submerged in water if you plan to stay for a full day.

A beach camp already set up for you, such as a glamping tent or a beachside cottage, means you can skip calculating where the tides roll in.

It’s also advised that you only go swimming with someone to watch out for you. It’s easy to get swept into the current, and a lifeguard may not be on duty.

I have an extensive beach camping tips guide that lists out many more tips apart from these three. Do check it out!

You Can Make Your Beach Camp Stay Basic or Luxurious…

Going to a beach camp is a wonderful experience for your health, friendships, and the environment.

If you pack appropriately, you can spend all day lounging around your camp and enjoying the best the beach offers.

Your stay may include extra time to wind down in a spa or other luxury accommodations. Or you can choose to keep it pretty basic to get the sense of being closest to nature.

Plan your first beach camp experience when the weather gets warm this season!

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