Teton Backpack Review | Most Popular Models Analyzed

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an avid camper or someone who just wants to do the occasional hike. A great backpack is a must; many people turn to the Teton brand for their reasonably priced, high-quality packs. You need to consider how much each backpack can hold, how much it weighs, its organization, and even how comfortable it will be to carry on a long day.

To help make your purchase decision easier, we compiled this objective look at the best Teton backpacks.

If you want to know the best Teton backpack in a hurry, we found the Teton Sports Explorer Backpack to have the best capacity, weight, organization, and price balance.

Best Backpacks From Teton

Compare Top Teton Backpacks

ProductOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
Teton Sports Outfitter 4600
Outfitter 4600
78Best for maximum capacityCheck Out on Amazon
Teton Sports Ultralight Plus
Ultralight Plus
82High End
Best for day trips
Check Out on Amazon
Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame
Scout 3400
82Great for organization and comfortCheck Out on Amazon
Teton Sports Hiker 3700 Ultralight
Hiker 3700
84Best for lightweight packsCheck Out on Amazon
Teton Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack
Oasis 18L
84Budget Buy
Best for hydration and short trips
Check Out on Amazon
Teton Sports Explorer Backpack
Explorer Backpack
94Top Pick
Best value for the money
Check Out on Amazon

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Teton Backpacks

1. Teton Sports Outfitter 4600

Teton Sports Outfitter 4600 - Review

Overall score: 78


  • Extra-large capacity of 75 liters
  • Lightweight with an internal frame
  • Comfort designed for both men and women


  • Top-loading for the main compartment makes it hard to organize
  • A bit more expensive than smaller packs


Campers going on a multi-day trip will want to add this backpack to their choices. It has one of the largest backpack capacities, clocking in at around 75 liters.

Considered one of their XXL backpacks, the Outfitter 4600 will have room for your gear and some. 


Despite its enormous capacity, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the backpack is also relatively light. You’ll be weighed down enough with your sleeping bag, tent, and other gear.

Fortunately, the Outfitter 4600 comes in at just 5.5 pounds. With an internal frame, you’ll be glad you added this lightweight and robust backpack to your shopping list.


With a backpack that holds as much gear as this pack, you’ll want to ensure that it offers a comfortable fit.

The straps have thick padding to protect the shoulders, which should be a given in a backpack of this size. Teton takes extra measures to ensure that this backpack is easy to wear.

The back panels are crafted from molded foam to make them comfortable to carry against your spine. This also helps with the airflow around your back and prevents sweat buildup.

It’s easy to see that this backpack was designed with everyone in mind.


Because you’ll be packing this backpack with all your gear, you’ll be pleased to know that it has tons of organization.

It boasts a roomy sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the pack, so you never have to wade through layers of fabric to find what you need.

It’s a top-loading backpack, but it has a unique feature that makes it easy to stay organized.

It has a zip-away partition in the backpack’s main body, allowing you to keep your heaviest items as close to your body as possible while reserving the outer part for lighter items.

It also has its zipper on the side of the main body so that you don’t necessarily have to access everything from the top. Multiple pockets will help you to stay as organized as possible.


Given the size and capacity of the Outfitter 4600, you’ll be surprised by the price.

It boasts a very reasonable price that won’t bankrupt you as you try to get the gear you need for a long camping trip. Be pleasantly surprised by what this backpack offers for the price point!

2. Teton Sports Ultralight Plus

Teton Sports Ultralight Plus - Review
High End

Overall score: 82


  • Extremely lightweight for day trips
  • Good organization with laptop sleeve or room for hydration bladder
  • Comfortable to wear with a fixed torso length
  • Affordable


  • Smaller capacity (30 liters)


The Teton Sports Ultralight Plus is designed with smaller day trips in mind. It doesn’t have the same roomy capacity as the Outfitter 4600, but it’s still a solid option.

This model holds about 30 liters of gear, making it great for a day hike instead of a week-long camping excursion.

You won’t have a designated place for your sleeping bag, but you may not need it when using a pack of this size. 


There’s no need to worry about how much this backpack will weigh you down, much as its name implies. The Ultralight comes in at just 2.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest backpacks on the market.

You’ll only be weighed down by the gear you choose to load up with, as this pack is feather-light.


When it comes to comfort, the Ultralight Plus doesn’t disappoint. The straps and back panels are padded and covered with mesh fabric.

The goal is to help the backpack to wick away moisture that will inevitably form on a long outing.

The aluminum frame makes it easy to carry without the need to weigh you down. At a fixed 19-inch torso length, it’s great for anyone. 


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the organization of this backpack. It can double as a hydration backpack, holding up to three liters with the Velcro hang tab.

If you choose not to use it as a hydration pack, this area doubles as a laptop sleeve. The bag’s interior also has pockets with zippers to keep small items or valuables.

One unique feature to point out is the shoulder strap pocket, which makes it easy to pack items that you’ll frequently need while on the trail.

It’s ideal for phones and other tech items you don’t want to get tossed in with your other gear or damaged.


The Ultralight Plus is one of the most affordable backpacks found here. While it may not be the roomiest, it’s great for someone who only needs a small backpack to carry all their daily gear.

Plus, you can get extra wear if you carry it for work or school. You can’t go wrong with this backpack, given its entry-level pricing.

3. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame - Review

Overall score: 82


  • Moderate storage capacity
  • Lots of organization
  • Adjustable for the ultimate in comfort
  • Affordable value


  • Weighs more than some, but still fairly lightweight


This backpack is a nice midpoint between the Outfitter 4600 and the Ultralight Plus model. You’ll have enough space for a short jaunt to the campsite.

If you only plan to stay for a day or two, then you’ll have the perfect amount of space in the Scout 3400, which clocks in at 55 liters.

With this midpoint, you’ll have plenty of space for extra gear but won’t be able to overpack.


As you might expect, the weight of this backpack also falls somewhere in the middle. It boasts a lightweight internal frame, which helps this option to weigh less than five pounds.

At roughly 4.5 pounds, you won’t struggle to carry this backpack unless you load it up with seriously heavy gear.


This backpack is the ultimate when it comes to comfort for a long trip. The padded back panel is designed to keep you cool with good airflow, but it also presents a unique construction.

The back panel only takes up about three-fourths of the back of the pack, making it great for people with shorter torsos that make carrying the average backpack more of a challenge.

It also comes with straps that are fully adjustable in just about every area: the torso, shoulders, chest, and waist. With this degree of customization, anyone can wear this backpack, including women and children. 


As you might expect, with a backpack of this size, you have a separate sleeping bag compartment.

Instead of elastic to hold it in place, it now has a stretchy mesh that makes it easier to fit a large sleeping bag in this pocket. It also has abundant exterior pockets that make staying more organized a breeze.

The water bottle holder is one of the newer features added to the Scout 3400.

While it always had this type of pocket, they redesigned it to tilt toward the person, which makes it even easier to stay hydrated while on the trail.


Don’t miss out on this backpack if you want something great for a camping trip that will last for a day or two.

While it’s more expensive than the Ultralight, you also get more room for your gear, including a sleeping bag. It’s great value for the money. 

4. Teton Sports Hiker 3700 Ultralight

Teton Sports Hiker 3700 Ultralight - Review

Overall score: 84


  • Larger capacity (60 liters)
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Completely customizable fit


  • A little more expensive than similar-sized backpacks


The Hiker 3700 Ultralight comes in around the same as the Scout 3400, but it’s a little larger. Every spare liter makes a difference, especially if you’re packing for a longer camping trip.

The overall capacity of this backpack, complete with an internal frame, is 60 liters. With a large capacity like this, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much this stylish pack holds.


The one area where this backpack truly shines is in its overall weight. It’s easily one of the lightest backpacks on this ranking, despite its spacious interior.

With a lightweight internal frame, it’ll only set you back about 2.2 pounds. This means you’ll be able to allocate more space to your heavier gear without worrying about being bogged down with a backpack.


An advantage of the Hiker 3700 Ultralight is that it has an adjustable torso that fits just about anyone.

The lumbar pad is made of open-cell foam and molded channels to keep you comfortable on the trail with good airflow and padding.

Even the waist belt is designed with comfort in mind as it is thickly padded with the option for bottom hip adjustments to tailor the fit to your unique body shape and type.


The bottom of this backpack is reserved as a large compartment for storing your sleeping bag. With that being said, that isn’t the only type of organization that you’ll find.

The pack is equipped with some serious organizational options with lots of exterior pockets to keep smaller items in a place where you can access them easily.

Another benefit of the Hiker 3700 Is the compression strap system. It features side and front straps to keep everything in its place, even during a long and arduous hike to the campsite.


While it’s technically a bit larger than the Scout 3400, it’s also a bit more expensive. It’s still a good option if you want to use the extra five liters of space, but be prepared to spend a little more money.

If you’re on a tight budget to make your backpack work for you, this may not be your first choice.

5. Teton Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack

Teton Sports Oasis 18L Hydration Pack - Review
Budget Buy

Overall score: 84


  • Great organization with lots of exterior pockets
  • Adjustable for the ultimate in comfort
  • Holds 2 liters of water in the bladder
  • Affordable


  • Small capacity (18 liters)


If you’re only planning a small day hike, you only need a small backpack. This is where the Teton Oasis can come into play.

It won’t hold a sleeping bag, camping stove, or other equipment that might be necessary for a few days in the woods.

That said, it’s still a great choice if you want something that can keep you hydrated, hold your snacks, and manage your tech. It holds 18 liters of things with a 2-liter bladder.


You’ll also be pleased to know that the Oasis comes in with a lower overall weight than many similar packs. It weighs just two pounds before you load it up with your gear and fill the hydration bladder.

While this might seem heavy, given that some of the larger backpacks don’t weigh much more, it’s a good option for those who just don’t need the space or bulk on their backs.


Just because this backpack isn’t designed to carry a weekend’s worth of gear doesn’t mean it’ll look skimpy in the comfort department.

It has contoured and padded shoulder straps to make it easier and more comfortable to carry all that water (because, let’s be honest – that can get pretty heavy!).

It’s also great because the Oasis is fully adjustable in the shoulder, chest, and waist. This makes it an ideal option for hikers and campers of any size, including people with shorter torsos, women, and children.


This top-loading backpack offers premium features when it comes to organization.

You’ll have a spot for your hydration bladder, but you still have exterior pockets that can hold additional water bottles if you’re extra thirsty.

It also has an abundance of exterior pockets for items you need quick access to, like your phone, keys, and snacks.

In addition to the organization inside the backpack, you’ll love the convenience of the bungee shock cord storage, which allows you to fasten your jacket or helmet to the backpack’s exterior when it’s not in use.

One thing to point out is hydration is available on both sides instead of just one.

You’ll find that the ports are conveniently located on the left and the right for anyone tired of reaching across themselves with their dominant hand to get a drink. 


Because it’s a smaller backpack, you can expect to pay less for this option compared to some larger models.

If you want a quality backpack at an affordable price point and know that you could use the hydration bladder included, then you’ll want to invest in this piece of high-quality equipment today.

6. Teton Sports Explorer Backpack

Teton Sports Explorer Backpack - Review
Top Pick

Overall score: 94


  • Spacious interior with lots of organization
  • Pass-through side pockets
  • Extremely affordable
  • Built with comfort in mind


  • Heavier than some


If you’re searching for a backpack that offers a moderate amount of storage space on a budget, then the Explorer backpack is the right fit. It’s an extremely roomy pack with one of the largest capacities.

Coming in at 65 liters, you’ll be able to fit everything you need for a weekend trip into the woods. 


Unfortunately, this is one of the heavier backpacks on the list. However, the overall weight won’t set you back too much. It weighs in at five pounds, even with a full internal frame.

It’s a little heavier than some models, but it won’t make enough difference to slow you down. When the backpack is empty, you may not even feel the difference between this and other models.


By now, you’ve probably gathered that Teton prioritizes comfort for its users. The Explorer is no exception, with multi-position torso adjustments that make this backpack ideal for both men and women.

It has an open-cell foam lumbar pad with molded channels for comfort and good airflow.


As with most backpacks at this capacity, it has a separate sleeping bag compartment to keep it separate from the gear you may need on a hike.

It has many exterior pockets for your snacks, first aid kit, tech items, and keys. Plus, it holds up to a 3-liter hydration bladder (note that the bladder is not included).

One of the Explorer’s unique features is its pass-through side pockets. This backpack section is ideal for long items that won’t fit in your backpack easily or comfortably, such as tent poles or trekking poles.

Don’t worry about having to move things around inside the pack with this model.


This backpack is easily one of the most affordable options on the market. Considering how much space you get with it, it’s a real bargain.

While it may not be the least expensive, it provides the best value for the money.

Final Thoughts

If you need a solid backpack to take a hiking trip for a weekend excursion to the woods, then you should consider what features matter most.

Organization, overall weight, and even the option for hydration are all important factors to consider.

We think the Teton Sports Explorer is the best option for its spacious interior, unique organizational items, and lightweight frame, but any of the backpacks on this list could be a great option!

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