Camping on the Beach (Why It’s Worth It? + Safety Tips)

Camping on the beach may be a popular pastime for you, or perhaps you’re wondering what all the hype is about. Whatever the reason, we’ve written this article to answer that burning question: should you camp on the beach?

As long as it is legal and you practice safe camping, you should take the dive and pitch-up camp on a beach. Beach camping is a great way to unwind, be closer to different wildlife, experience sublime sunrises and sunsets, and gain easy access to water activities.

This article will give you 8 reasons to justify a beach camping trip and several tips to ensure you are as safe and prepared as possible. Keep reading to find out more!

8 Reasons You Should Camp On The Beach

Camping on the beach is a great idea as long as you check that it is legal to camp on the beach and that you purchase any necessary permits or pay the right fees.

My article on Beach Camping Laws in the US and Beach Camping Laws for Canada will help you stay on the right side of the law.

Some beaches may also be closed during the rainy season, so check that beaches are safe to camp on before going ahead.

If you prepare correctly, camping on the beach is one of your best decisions this year.

In case you’re still wondering if you should camp on the beach, we’ve made a handy list of why we believe it is so special. Keep reading to discover our top 8 reasons for giving beach camping a go. 

1. Different Wildlife

Camping on the beach gives you a chance to see wildlife that is unique to beachside settings.

Imagine waking to dolphins and whales swimming nearby or catching sight of a belted kingfisher hunting in the morning. Camping at the beach allows you to experience an array of new and diverse ecosystems.

2. Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises

What better place to see a sunset or sunrise than over the sea?

Camping on the beach gets you as close to this spectacle as possible, so you can experience all the oranges, yellows, and reds as the day ends and begins.

Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises

3. Water Activities

Another great reason to go camping at the beach is the access to numerous water-based activities. This might include surfing, swimming, kayaking, fishing, sailing, and many more.

You can always check which beach you intend to camp on online and see what activities are available beforehand.

For more fun activities ideas at the beach, do check out my article on beach camping activity ideas.

4. Campfires on the Beach with Food

Campfires on the beach are next level. One of the best things about beach camping is the open space to build and light a campfire. Make sure you create a safe place to build your campfire or use a ring.

It is also the time for some tasty treats. Make sure you read my guide on beach camping food ideas to make your experience next level.

5. Beach Vacation at Budget Price

Another reason you should try beach camping is that it allows you to experience a beach vacation at budget prices.

Hotels and accommodation at a beach can be pretty pricey, but camping allows you to find more affordable options!

6. Sleeping on Sand

Camping on sand can be much more comfortable than rocky or wooded terrain, partly because you can mold and flatten the sand to create the most comfortable surface for your tent to lie on. 

7. Space!

Unlike other camping areas where how much space you have can depend on the campsite or terrain you’re in, beach camping allows you to camp wherever you like, with an abundance of space around your campground.

8. Ultimate Stress Reliever

Camping, in general, can be great for your mental health, which is another reason you should try beach camping.

Spending time by the seaside is a great form of relaxation, and camping can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

For more beach camping benefits, do read my article on the benefits of beach camping.

Ultimate Stress Reliever

Tips to Practice Safe Beach Camping

Camping on the beach is a great idea if you prepare accordingly. Here are 10 tips to ensure you are safe and prepared before camping on the beach.

If you’re a complete beginner to beach camping, my article on A Beginner’s Guide to Beach Camping is perfect for you!

If you’re still unsure and would like to know what is beach camping like, do check out my article what does beach camping feel like?

1. Check Tides

Before pitching your tent in any old spot, we recommend always checking the tides. Camping on the beach may appear relaxing, but it can quickly become dangerous if you camp within reach of the sea.

Whichever beach you camp at, check the tides online, and always camp a little further than you think from the water.

2. Prepare for Unpredictable Weather

Believe it or not, the ocean drives weather changes. When an ocean current changes direction, it can affect the atmosphere, temperature, and air pressure.

That’s why we can sometimes see fantastic storms from the beach, and that’s also why you should always be prepared for unpredictable weather when planning a beach camping trip.    

3. Pack the Right Gear

Beach camping is slightly different from other types of camping, and with this in mind, you’ll need to make sure you pack the right gear for beach camping.

This includes mats that are easy to clean sand off or camping pegs that are much more stable in the sand. Consider the terrain you’ll be camping on, and prepare accordingly.

More gear recommendations from me include the best tents for beach camping.

Pack the Right Gear

4. Anchor your Tent

Due to unpredictable weather, such as high-speed winds, you’ll want to ensure your tent is anchored when camping on sand.

To anchor your tent, you can use longer camping pegs, attach your guy lines to bigger, heavier objects such as driftwood, or use sandbags to anchor down the inside of your tent. 

5. Don’t Camp on the Dunes

Usually, at a higher alleviation, camping on dunes might seem like a good way to stay away from the tide line.

However, dunes can host an array of fragile and diverse ecosystems, so you must avoid camping directly on them unless you know it is safe to do so. 

6. Prepare for Sand

This might seem like an obvious one but prepare for sand everywhere. When settling down for the night, make sure all your belongings are kept inside your tent or have a cover over them outside.

This will save you from waking in the morning and finding your stuff dotted around the beach or filled with sand.

Also, consider taking a sand mat that you can place outside your tent to minimize how much sand gets inside. 

7. Don’t Forget Layers

It might be boiling during the day, but beaches can get super cold when the sun goes down. Pack extra layers to wear around and inside your tent to prepare for this.

If you’re camping in the winter, make sure you have a base layer, a middle layer, and an outer layer to stay super warm.

DonΓÇÖt Forget Layers

8. Remember the Bug Spray

Like all camping trips, pack some bug spray. If you’re camping by the water, you’ll want to avoid being nibbled on by mosquitos, and the same goes for ticks camping near a forest or bush area.

You can purchase a repellent for clothes and gear if your skin is sensitive to bug spray.

9. Hydrate!

You may remember to hydrate in the summer, but this also goes for other seasons where you may not notice how dehydrated you are.

It’s also good to check if the beach you plan to camp on has a drinking water source; if not, make sure you pack enough water for your trip.

10. Remember Sunscreen

Pack enough sunscreen if you don’t want a camping trip to the seaside to be ruined by sunburn.

Even if the weather looks cloudy, protecting your skin from less obvious harms like UV rays is always important.

You can read about some more beach camping tips in my article, the ultimate guide to beach camping tips.

Beach Camping isn’t Like Your Regular Camping…

Beach camping is unlike any other camping experience. Not only are you exposed to a unique array of wildlife, but you can relax and de-stress in a more comfortable location at an affordable price.

These are just a few reasons to justify why you should go beach camping, but always remember to prepare and be mindful of the beach and sea for your safety.

We hope this article pushes you to start your beach camping adventure while also helping you feel ready!

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