REVEALED: 22 RV Beach Camping Must-Have Items

With summer just around the corner, it’s a great idea to start planning what essentials you should pack for your RV beach camping trip. You may think these are not so dissimilar to other RV trips, but we’re here to give you the low down on all the must-haves you need to deal with the sand and the sun!  

RV beach camping must-have items include a surge protector, bin bags, electrical adapters, an emergency road kit, and a digital thermometer. Further, to reduce the amount of sand in your RV, it’s important to pack extra towels, extra chairs, a broom, a clothesline, and an outdoor rug.

Read on to find out why we’ve marked these as essentials for RV beach camping. You won’t be disappointed by packing any of these essentials! 

Essential RV Beach Camping Packing List

Below are 22 essentials for RV beach camping. Some are useful for keeping the sand inside your RV to a minimum, while others will make your trip to the beach even more enjoyable.

I also have another list of beach camping essentials for times when you might not be taking your RV. 

1. Surge Protector

An electrical power surge can damage your RV electronics and appliances and lead to more dangerous consequences. To prevent this, make sure you pack a surge protector!

Especially at the beach, where storms or high winds can be prevalent, be prepared for electrical power surges.

2. Electrical Adapters

Always be prepared for different electrical hook-ups at the campsite you attend, which means packing an electrical adapter!

They are small, compact, and usually cheap, so there’s no excuse not to invest!

3. Hook-ups

RV beach camping sites are usually 50/50, whether they provide full hookups. Make sure you check what the RV site provides before you arrive.

If they don’t provide hook-ups, then make sure you bring your own!  

4. Emergency Road Kit

RV beach camping can present some unique obstacles, and it’s best to be prepared for anything. Pack an emergency road kit and know how to use it.

This could be seriously helpful if you get a puncture on a rock. 

Emergency Road Kit

5. Towels For Inside and Outside

An essential you’ll thank yourself for later is most definitely extra towels.

Sand in your RV can be a nightmare, but it’s easily preventable by taking two sets of towels for everyone, one for inside the RV and one for the beach. 

6. Extra Chairs

Similar to the towel scenario, having chairs you use for the beach kept separate from the gear you use inside your RV is handy.

(Yes, you can use simple camping chairs at the beach. Read my article to know more.)

However hard you try to dust off all the sand from your beach gear, it always seems to sneak in.

That’s why having the separate gear you save for beach use and other gear you save for inside is handy. 

7. Mats or Outdoor Rugs

An outdoor rug can be a great way to keep your feet clean before entering your RV.

This can be placed at the entry to your RV and not only ensures you brush your feet but also takes off some of that stubborn sand.

A doormat is also a good replacement if you don’t have an outdoor rug. 

8. A Broom

This may already be essential in your RV, but a broom should be added if it isn’t. Brush up all of that extra sand easily with a broom.

It could also make it easier if you have a dustpan for all those hard-to-reach spaces.

9. Splitter

A splitter can be handy if your RV doesn’t have an outdoor shower. You can attach this to your outdoor hose to create a shower or place to rinse your feet.

This will prevent your RV drain from clogging up with sand, which could cause serious problems. 

10. Reflectors

Since we usually visit the beach in the summer, it can be handy to pack reflectors from your RV windows.

This will prevent your RV from overheating and keep the general temperature down when you plan to return after visiting the sea.  


11. Beach Umbrella or Awning

Since you’re beach camping in an RV, you can afford to take some extras for the beach that you may not be able to if you were backcountry camping.

This includes a way to shade yourself on the beach or outside your RV, such as a beach umbrella or awning. This will be a lifesaver if it’s mega hot. 

12. Clothesline 

A clothesline is handy to dry your wet beach clothes and can be a good place to keep anything seriously sandy, such as your extra beach towels.

A clothesline can be super compact and kept inside your RV to prevent sand from spreading.  

13. Portable Cooler 

A luxury at the beach is a nice cool beverage, which can be made a reality with a portable cooler.

A portable cooler means you don’t need to return to your RV for a cool lunch.  

14. Traction

Driving on sand can be tough and, sometimes, frustrating, especially if wet.

Packing a couple of pieces of plywood or similar material can create some traction and make your life much easier if you get stuck in the sand.  

15. Bug Spray

Particularly when you’re staying near the sea or a body of water, it’s good to pack bug spray.

Mosquitos or sand fly bites can be a serious downer to your beach holiday, so remember to be prepared. 

16. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential for any camping trip, but you can pack one specifically ready for the beach.

This includes aloe vera gel for sunburn, waterproof band-aids, and antiseptic cream for any scrapes on rocks or coral.

You won’t regret keeping these essentials in your RV first aid kit.  

First Aid Kit

17. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is a very obvious packing addition, but sometimes the most obvious packing essentials can be the most forgotten.

Remember to pop a big bottle in your RV, and you’ll be able to enjoy every day outside.  

18. A Beach Wagon

A beach wagon is a great way to transport your gear to and from the beach, and with the extra space your RV has, you can afford to pack one.

It’s also a good way to keep everything that’s sandy away from your dry gear.  

19. Old Blankets 

To prevent further sand spread, it’s good to consider taking some old blankets to cover your furniture in the RV.

This means you can stop loose sand from finding its way into all the cracks of your RV, and you can instead air out the blankets afterward. 

20. Bin Bags

Packaging in and out is the number one rule of all camping, whether tent or RV. Leave no trace at the campsites you visit, which will help protect the surrounding wildlife.

Make sure you have enough bin bags or recycling bags for the duration of your trip.  

21. Power Generator

Some RV beach camping spots can be without electricity or full hook-ups. With this in mind, it’s always best to check beforehand to see if you’ll need to pack a power generator.

If that’s the case, pack a portable mobile charger too! 

Power Generator

23. Digital Thermometer 

Since your RV can turn into a greenhouse at the beach, it’s important to pack a digital thermometer. This means you can test the temperature of your fridge or cool box throughout your trip.

It’s not uncommon for fridges to rise in temperature when it’s super hot, and you don’t want your food to go funky and leave you with a bad stomach. 

Essentials are Essentials for a Reason!

You can add more to this list based on your needs but the above items are a must for every trip to the beach in your RV.

Our RV beach camping packing list of must-haves includes everything you need, from first aid kits to essentials preventing a sandy RV interior.

It’s also important to remember to keep your RV as cool as possible when it’s super hot outside. This can be made easy with reflectors on your windows.

We hope this list has given you an idea of the most important RV gear to take to the beach. Happy camping!

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