North Face Vault Backpack Review | Worth The Hype?

Whether you plan to hike to your campsite or enjoy an afternoon on the trails, you need a bag that can accommodate all your items: electronic devices, jackets, water bottles, and more. Not to mention, you probably want a backpack that won’t break your budget.

The North Face Vault may be the backpack you’ve been searching for. North Face presents its customers with another excellent model with great storage capacity and superb comfort. 

What can you expect from the Vault from North Face? Learn more in our detailed review of what you can anticipate from the backpack here. 

Our Verdict on the North Face Vault Backpack

We love the North Face Vault backpack for day hiking and packing your breakables for a camping trip.

It’s budget-friendly while maintaining the durability that we’ve come to expect from the North Face name brand.

With an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association and tons of features, you’ll love the comfort of this backpack. 

Not to mention, it comes in an array of colors to suit any style. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a backpack that does the job.

This model will hold your laptop, electronics, water bottle, umbrella, and more to enjoy the journey on your next hike.

If you’re looking for a backpack that can tote all your camping gear in a convenient package that won’t take up much space, then the North Face Vault backpack might be right for you.

This pack gives you plenty of room around the campsite, particularly if you aim to keep it in the tent with you at night. 

For campers who want something affordable and durable, you’ll want to explore whether this backpack is the right fit. With this in mind, here is what you need to know about the North Face Vault backpack.

Competitors of the North Face Vault Backpack

ProductOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
North Face Vault Backpack
North Face Vault
82Great value with lots of spaceCheck Out On Amazon
  Competing Options 
North Face Jester Backpack
North Face Jester
N/ASlightly smaller size geared toward tech organizationCheck Out On Amazon
North Face Borealis Backpack
North Face Borealis
N/AMore expensive option with similar capacityCheck Out On Amazon
Osprey Fairview 40 Women's Backpack
Osprey Fairview 40 Women’s
N/AMost spacious bag but high budgetCheck Out On Amazon
Patagonia Arbor Classic Backpack
Patagonia Arbor Classic
N/ADrawcord closed bagCheck Out On REI

Detailed Analysis of the North Face Vault Backpack

The Vault backpack from North Face presents a great option for campers who want to haul their gear from point A to B.

It’s known for being a camper favorite, but it may not be the right fit for you if you’re looking for a hiking pack that carries all your gear. 

We have the full breakdown of what you can expect from this model.   

1. North Face Vault Backpack

North Face Vault Backpack - Review

Overall Score: 82


  • Lots of space and protection for electronics
  • Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association
  • Some extra features like a whistle and sternum strap
  • Affordable and durable


  • May not hold all your gear
  • Not waterproof

Features Summary

  • Two main pockets, one with a laptop sleeve
  • Made of durable polyester
  • Custom molded straps and sternum strap
  • Reflective design for night use

Overall, you’ll find that the North Face Vault backpack comes with some great features that make it stand out among its competitors.

Avid campers and even those who are just enthusiastic about pursuing the hobby will love the comfort and durability of this backpack.

While it may not hold all your gear, it’s a great pack for taking out on a day hike or keeping your expensive tech a bit safer. 

For the price of this backpack, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another that is more comfortable, durable, and packed full of features. 

2. North Face Vault Backpack Key Features

Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the features. 

a. Size 

The one complaint from many campers who plan to use this model for their hiking needs is that it’s a bit on the small side.

It may be suitable for a day hike where you only need to pack snacks, a first aid kit, and maybe a book to enjoy along with the scenic mountain top view before trekking back down. 

However, at 28 liters, it may not hold everything to set up camp. The overall dimensions of the pack are 11″ x 8.5″ x 18″ with a laptop sleeve of 11.5″ x 11″.  

Many people use this backpack as their go-to option for school.

As such, you’ll find tons of reviews raving about how many books you can fit inside (several), the technology it can store (up to a 15″ laptop), and the organization for miscellaneous odds and ends like pens. 

It can prove equally useful while camping or hiking. With its 28-liter capacity, you’ll be able to fit just about anything you might need while on the trail.

b. Organization

You’ll love the easy organization of the Vault backpack with several pockets.

This makes it easy to keep all your belongings exactly where they belong without the need for complicated systems or packing extra bags to stuff inside your backpack.

Front Pocket 

First up is the front pocket that allows you to organize smaller items like your pens, electronic devices, and more.

You’ll get a pen organizer, a keychain clip, another zippered pocket, and a slip pocket in the front pocket. Plus, you’ll still have room for a good novel. 

Suppose you have smaller tech items you want to store while hiking or camping. The front pocket offers a little protection.

It has sleeves for handheld devices like tablets or phones so they don’t have to mingle with other items that could scratch screens or cause damage. 

Some people even find that they can fold up and place a jacket inside this front pocket.

If you’re exploring an area where you might need layers in the morning but don’t want to carry them in the afternoon, this is a great storage feature.  

Main Compartment

You’ll find the main compartment as you move past the front pocket.

It’s important to note that the main compartment only allows you to fit in items from the top, making it hard to see smaller items that might get shuffled to the bottom of the pack.

If you’re careful to keep smaller items in the front pocket, you’ll find plenty of good things about this main compartment. 

Inside the main compartment is a laptop sleeve that can fit a 15.6″ laptop and a few other belongings. If you don’t plan to bring your laptop, you can easily fit a portable TV in this pocket instead. 

Remember that there aren’t any additional pockets for organization in this pack section. The backpack is designed to keep smaller items in the front pocket where the organization is more plentiful.  

Side Pockets

Don’t forget the side pockets, which appear small but can stretch to easily hold a Nalgene water bottle.

This is a must-have feature for any camper who wants to use this backpack for hiking, as you don’t want to carry a heavy water bottle the entire trip. 

They can also easily accommodate an umbrella if the forecast looks less than perfect. 

The stretchy mesh allows you to store some larger objects here that might not otherwise fit in the backpack’s main compartments.

If you’ve got an item that’s an odd size or needs a little more space, the side pockets are where you’ll want to store it.   

c. Material

The North Face Vault backpack is designed to be affordable, meaning that it may not be made from the strongest materials.

Instead, it’s constructed from various types of polyester that don’t wear as well as nylon or other common materials. The color you purchase determines the type of polyester your backpack is made from. 

You might find polyesters including: 

  • 1200D polyester
  • 600D polyester
  • 450D x 300D heather polyester
  • 600D geo emboss polyester

It’s important to note that polyester isn’t waterproof, so you may want to leave it at the campsite if you’re hiking in the rain. It has some water-repellant properties that can protect it from light rain.   

d. Comfort

Anyone who plans to carry their backpack day in and day out wants to ensure that they’re using something that will be as comfortable as possible.

North Face delivers with its FlexVent technology and overall harness system.   


For campers concerned about the feeling of a pack stuck to their sweaty back, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the breathability of the Vault backpack.

The FlexVent technology gives you a breathable lumbar panel to keep air circulating, keeping you cool even in the hottest temperatures. 

You’ll find that the FlexVent technology isn’t unique to the Vault backpack. Instead, it’s seen on many of the options from North Face, so this isn’t necessarily a selling point for the model found here. 

It’s great if you’re upgrading to a North Face backpack and don’t currently have similar tech in your go-to backpack.   

Shoulder Straps

In addition to breathability, it’s also important to note how comfortable it will be on the shoulders and back while carrying it.

The shoulder straps are flexible and custom-injection molded to give your shoulders a break. While you’ll still feel the weight, it won’t feel like the straps are digging into the shoulders. 

The Vault also has a sternum strap to distribute the pack’s weight more evenly across your torso.

It will keep the shoulder straps in place while you hike and prevent your upper torso from feeling the strain of having to carry a heavy pack all on its own.   

Back Panel

Meanwhile, the back panel is also padded and made of mesh. It won’t hold onto moisture and won’t retain any odors, making it great for those using it more regularly.

On its own, the backpack can stand up without any help. This means that it can maintain structure without any additional help from you. 

Their entire design has earned an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association for being easy on the back and upper body.

e. Convenience and Other Features


While most people won’t need to carry their backpacks with a handle, it’s important to note that you can do so with the North Face Vault.

It comes with a useful top handle that allows you to carry it wherever you need to go comfortably.

If you’re in a hurry to get your gear and move on, you’ll want to know that you can easily pick up your bag and go without fiddling with the straps.  


In addition to that, the sternum strap also doubles as a whistle. This is an extremely useful feature for campers who plan to head out on their own.

You can use it to scare off wildlife, signal to other campers that you might be in danger, and help guide others to find you if you’re lost.  

Reflective Features

It’s also important to note that the backpack is equipped with reflective features so that you can be easily seen in the dark. 

f. Durability and Warranty

Most campers find that the North Face Vault backpack is quite durable and can hold up to some serious wear and tear for a bag in its price range.

It can stand up to daily use if you want to carry things from point A to B and for extended use on the trail or at the campsite. Because of its large capacity and roomy interior, you’ll find lots of uses for this bag. 

Like all North Face products, it also has a limited lifetime warranty. It doesn’t cover accidents, improper care, or wear and tear issues. However, it is protected from failure due to a manufacturing defect. 

North Face reserves the right to repair the damage (with no charges) or replace the bag altogether. Regarding durability, you’ll want to remember that this backpack isn’t waterproof.

Consider storing an umbrella in one of the side pockets to protect you and your pack from rain. It’s water-resistant, so it should hold up under brief showers.   

g. Pricing

If there’s one place where the Vault backpack shines, it’s in the price. This affordable backpack is less than many of its competitors, offering you great value for the money.

Campers who don’t want to spend a small fortune to get a quality backpack that will last for camping seasons will want to invest in the Vault now. 

Compare it to some of the competing options in the table at the top of this review, and you’ll quickly realize what a value this backpack can be.  

Final Thoughts

For hiking and camping on a budget, you can hardly do better than the North Face Vault backpack.

It’s compact yet spacious, comfortable to wear, and can protect expensive technology that you may want to bring with you.

It won’t break the bank and will last you for years, as you would likely expect from the North Face name brand. 

The bottom line on this backpack is that it’s a great value with excellent storage capacity and comfort while carrying it.

This one should make your list of potential models if you’ve been in the market for a new backpack.

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