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Whether you’re looking for a reliable bag for your daily commute or perhaps you need a travel bag to keep all your electronic devices safe, you’ll know how important an organized backpack is.

The Nomatic backpack might be the everyday backpack you’ve been searching for. It’s durable, has a waterproof exterior, plenty of organized space, and a golden lifetime warranty.

If you want to know what to expect from the Nomatic backpack, then read on to learn how each feature works and if it’s the right bag.

Our Verdict on the Nomatic Backpack

The Nomatic is a wonderfully crafted backpack that is perfect for those that like to keep everything organized.

With over 20 pockets, a laptop compartment, a removable organizer panel, and cord pass-throughs, the Nomatic is made for the digital nomad.

With two sizes, you can easily select a backpack that fits your laptop or items. Each size can be expanded by 20%, so you always have room for extras.

The bag is comfortable, with adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back panel. However, carrying heavy items or using them all day will be uncomfortable without a hip belt and adjustable harness.

With this in mind, we recommend that this bag be used for short trips or day-to-day daily use. The bag is made from durable tarpaulin to make it weather-resistant and hard-wearing.

If you’re specifically looking for a daily use backpack, check out my guide on the best everyday backpacks.

The zippers are also waterproof and smooth, so you can be sure there are no leaks or breakages.

However, the back panel lacks any waterproof material, so be careful if you use this bag in the briefcase format because your items inside might get wet.

If you’re looking for an affordable day backpack, the Nomatic might be out of reach. With a hefty price tag, you’ll have to be certain that this backpack has everything you need before purchasing it.

Competitors of the Nomatic Backpack

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Detailed Analysis of the Nomatic Backpack

1. Nomatic Backpack

Review - Nomatic Backpack Review-2
Top Pick

Overall Score: 80

The Nomatic backpack is perfect for digital nomads or those looking for a bag that will keep all their items carefully organized.

This bag is perfect for short trips and daily use, but it lacks some features that would make it ideal for long trips or hiking.

We have an in-depth review of each aspect of the backpack below.


  • Stylish design
  • Perfect for carrying electronic gear
  • Multiple carry options
  • Best for short trips


  • No hipbelt
  • Not great for clothes packing
  • Expensive

Features Summary

  • 20% added expansion size
  • Over 20 pockets
  • Removable organizer panel
  • Lifetime warranty

You’ll struggle to find a backpack that keeps your electronic devices safe and organized, like the Nomatic backpack.

While it may not be great for a travel backpack, the Nomatic will pair up with a suitcase to make the perfect traveling combo.

I also have an article on great travel backpacks for men if you want to check it out.

If you’re in the market for a backpack with lots of pockets, multiple features to help you organize, reliable durability, and a lifetime warranty. Then the Nomatic is a solid choice.

2. Key Features of the Nomatic Backpack

Below we examine in-depth all the features the Nomatic backpack offers, from size, organization, material, durability, price, and additional features. 

a. Size

The Nomatic is available in two sizes: 14L and 20L. With 20% expansion, the bags have an increased size, so you can always fit more than the above capacities.

We’ve provided the measurements of the bags below to make it easier to see if this bag will fit all your electronics.


The 14L version of the Nomatic backpack weighs 3.5 lbs, which is lightweight for a daypack.

One of the best features of the Nomatic is that it has a 20% expansion size, so the 14L can increase to 17L when packed.

The bag’s outer dimensions measure 17.5′ H x 11″ W x 5.5′- 7.5′ D when the bag is expanded. The laptop compartment on the 14L measures 15.5′ x 10′ x 1.5′.


The 20L version of the Nomatic weighs 4 lbs, only 0.5 lbs more than the 14L but with 6L of added space. It’s a great benefit to see that the bigger size of this bag doesn’t add too much weight.

Like the 14L, the 20L version has an expanded capacity of 20%, bringing it up to 24L. When expanded, the outer dimensions are 19′ H x 13′ W x 5.75 – 7.75′ D.

The laptop compartment is slightly wider at 15.5′ x 11.5′ x 1.5′. The 20L also has an added compartment with the capacity for a tablet measuring 12.5′ x 9.5′ x .5′. 

The 14L and 20L versions of this bag are ultra-lightweight, making it perfect for daily use.

The average laptop measures between 14 to 16 inches, so it’s best to check if it will fit into the laptop compartment, as the 14L will not fit bigger or wider laptops.

b. Organization

The Nomatic comes with over 20 extra pockets to simplify organizing your belongings.

Below we’ve reviewed the front pocket, main compartment, and side pockets so you can check if this bag will fit everything you need.

Front Pocket 

The front pocket has seven compartments, so finding your belongings is even easier. One of the best features of the front compartment is the RFID-safe storage pocket.

This pocket interferes with any electromagnetic waves and blocks any signals. This keeps your personal information safe from digital thieves and RFID skimming.

The pocket is spacious and will fit your passport, wallet, or credit card inside. Alongside this, the front pocket has multiple slip pockets so you can easily organize your smaller items.

The front pocket is slim, so you’ll have to put your bulkier items into the main compartment.

Main Compartment

The main compartment of the Nomatic is wide and roomy. It’s accessed by a wide perimeter zipper which is helpful if you’re using packing cubes, as all your items are reachable instantly.

However, full perimeter zips are not for everyone. This feature works best for those using the bag for work items such as notepads and does not work well for clothes packing.

Inside the main compartment of the Nomatic, you also have a padded laptop sleeve to keep your laptop safe and organized.

Although the perimeter zip is not great for packing clothes, this bag does have enough room for clothes for a short stay. 

Side pockets

The Nomatic comes with two side pockets on the outside of the bag. They’re stretchy and big enough to fit a water bottle.

Each pocket has a magnetic close, meaning once you’ve taken whatever you need out of it, it’ll snap back to close. This adds to the bag’s sleek style and keeps your belongings safe inside the pocket.

c. Material

The bag is made of hard-wearing tarpaulin. The tarp is made from a combination of polyester and nylon, so you know it’s strong and durable.

The exterior fabric is coated with polyurethane, which keeps the bag water-resistant, protecting your belongings against wet weather.

The only downside to the materials used on this bag is the ballistic weave used on the back panel. The weave is not weather-resistant, which might be fine if you use the bag on your back.

As soon as you start carrying this bag like a duffel, you’ve got a side exposed that will not offer any protection to keep your belongings dry.

This is a pretty big letdown, as the waterproof aspect of the Nomatic is one of the key selling points.

d. Comfort

The Nomatic is a relatively comfortable backpack. It comes with padded shoulder straps and a mesh on the inside to give you some breathability between the strap and your clothes.

This means no sweat marks on your clothes! Unfortunately, the harness for the bag is not adjustable, so you won’t be able to get an exact tailored fit for your body.

The bag also comes with an adjustable sternum strap to provide extra support for your back and shoulders. The strap isn’t removable, but we don’t think that’s a problem.

The one problematic area is the nonexistent hip belt. This might not be an issue if you’re packing light when you use the bag.

It will be a problem if you carry several heavy digital devices daily or walk long distances with the bag. However, since the bag is either a maximum of 24L or 18L, it shouldn’t get too heavy. 

The back panel made from ballistic waves will do a good job absorbing back sweat, and it’s padded to make it comfortable when carrying the bag.

The padding will also do a great job of preventing bulky items from poking you in the back.

While a mesh back panel would have made the backpack more comfortable, it would have given the bag a sporty aesthetic. Nomatic wants this bag to be sleek and professional, and we think they will pull it off.

e. Other Features

The Nomatic has several other great features that make the bag convenient for daily use or those needing multiple digital devices. 

Multiple Carry Options

One great aspect of the Nomatic is its multiple carry options. It can be worn as a backpack and carried in a briefcase-type style.

This is handy when wearing a backpack, such as when entering a busy train, which might be inconvenient. The straps can be tucked neatly in the back panel, making the bag look uniform and tidy.

Luggage Strap

The Nomatic comes with a handy luggage strap to make attaching this bag to a suitcase even simpler. The strap is located in the back of the bag and easily slides through the top of a suitcase.

This makes this backpack much more comfortable for traveling around the airport. It’s a highly underrated feature that makes your life so much easier.

Cord Pass Throughs

The Nomatic backpack comes with a handy cord pass-through that makes life on the go even easier.

Cord pass-throughs are great for busy travelers that don’t have the time to stop and unpack their bags to charge their devices throughout the day.

The cord pass-through connects all the compartments, so you can charge devices in different parts of the bag.

Removable Organizer Panel

The removable organizer panel is one of our favorite features of the Nomatic backpack.

It has multiple slip pockets of various sizes to fit items such as a portable keyboard, a travel-sized tripod, or even drone accessories.

You can tailor the organizer to fit exactly what you need. If you don’t need to fill the slips, you can use the panel as a divider.

Even if you plan to detach the organizer and leave it at home, the Nomatic is versatile enough to give you the option! 

Retractable Key Leash

The retractable key leash is the cherry on top of this bag’s already fantastic add-ons. You can easily attach your house or car keys to the leash, and once you’ve used them, they’ll retract straight into your bag.

The only downside to the leash is that it’s located inside the main compartment, so you might need to dig before you can access your keys. Either way, you’re less likely to lose or drop them.

f. Durability and Warranty

The material mentioned above is hard-wearing, so you can be sure this bag will last. The waterproof YKK zippers add to the durability of this backpack.

You can be sure your belongings are safe and dry while also knowing that the zippers for the bag are not cheap or easily broken.

Another great advantage is that the Nomatic backpack comes with a lifetime warranty. This protects you against defects in the workmanship or materials.

The manufacturers of Nomatic also offer 2 or 3-year accidental damage cover plans, so you can also opt for added protection.

g. Price

Now for the nitty gritty. Unfortunately, the Nomatic is not a cheap bag. In fact, for one Nomatic backpack, you can easily buy a high-end suitcase or two high-end backpacks.

That being said, if you are looking for a travel backpack tailored to fit all your digital devices inside, then the Nomatic is definitely for you.

However, if you’re looking for a hybrid backpack that will work great for long trips and daily use, then the Nomatic might not be worth the steep price tag.

Final Thoughts

The Nomatic backpack is a sound product, but only for those that need organized space. Its lack of a hip belt and waterproof back panel makes us doubt the price is worth it.

If this bag doesn’t break the bank, it could be useful to any digital nomad. The bottom line is that this bag won’t be of much use otherwise.

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