Camping vs Sniping (Which One’s Fair and Ethical to Use?)

In every shooting game, you can camp, snipe, or both. Does it matter whether players think it’s fair or acceptable?

When gaming, camping means holding a position throughout the game to shoot players who respawn, whereas sniping means shooting players from an obscure location or at a distance without necessarily staying put. Sniping is typically an accepted strategy, whereas camping isn’t.

Gamers typically hate campers as they claim it’s unfair. But others think it’s simply a strategy.

Camping and Sniping in Gameplay

Camping and sniping are strategies you can use when playing shooter games.

Whether it’s a first or third-person shooter game, you’ll typically encounter these strategies used by at least one team member.

1. What is Camping?

Camping is done by finding a location where you can shoot players from a blind spot. This can be near the respawn area, behind a cracked wall, or in rooms with small openings.

It’s an unfair advantage as it prevents the player from firing back. They cannot do so since they don’t have a chance to see or reach you beforehand.

It’s called camping because, similar to the outdoor activity of “camping,” you stay put throughout the game when you find a spot. You’ve squatted or claimed the area for yourself.

Some players hate this strategy as campers “steal kills” and tarnish the scores of other team members.

And for obvious reasons, the enemy hates constantly dying in the same location, all because of that one player ruining the game.

What is Camping

Spawn Camping

Spawn camping refers to camping near the enemy’s spawn area on the map. Because it provides an unfair advantage, some gaming servers enforce an unofficial “no spawn camping” rule.

However, there are games where you’re untouchable a few seconds after you spawn. You’ll have a few seconds of immunity. So, if you’re encountering campers, you can still make an escape.

When a game spawns you in a random area on the map, for example, in Valorant’s Death Match, you’re an easier target for campers.

Other games have “point spawning,” where you are spawned near a teammate, which increases your chance of surviving against campers. Call of Duty players refers to this as “group spawns.”

Base Camping

Base camping is in your team’s spawn area. Instead of actively seeking out enemies, you wait for them to come to you. This is likely more effective when your whole team coordinates.

It’s a defense strategy and good if your spawn area has a lot of hidden spaces. Using this strategy will likely depend on the map you’re playing on.

This can also be an effective strategy if you play a game where you have to secure a base, such as Valorant’s main gameplay.

In the game, the team will normally wait for the enemy to come to their chosen base after planting a spike (a small bomb).

2. What is Sniping?

Sniping is when you find a spot on the map that gives you a vantage point. This can be because of a doorway, alleyway, or obscure corners.

It’s an acceptable strategy to many players as it’s also a real-life combat tactic.

Sniping can involve camping when players take hold of a position. But if you’re skilled enough, you can snipe as you move around.

Sniping is common in games when the two teams head towards the enemy base to attack.

Snipers can then position themselves in areas (typically roofs, windows, or behind cracked walls) and wait for the enemy team.

Once you find a perfect spot to camp and snipe, you can easily win the game because snipers can shoot accurately at long distances.

3. What’s the Difference?

You don’t need a sniper to camp; you can snipe without camping. It’s about whether you stay in one spot for long periods and whether your position is an unfair advantage.

When camping, you stay at a specific spot the entire time. You anticipate the enemy coming through. This can lead to boring gameplay. If you stay in the corner of any room, it’s already considered camping.

You position yourself at an entryway when sniping to ensure you get a hit. You’ll also likely station yourself in high places. If you find that no one’s coming, you can switch locations.

4. Should You Camp, Snipe, or Both?

Many players hate campers, while some relish getting called out for it. At the end of the day, if you win the game, you win, regardless of how you did it. But the question of good sportsmanship comes to mind.

If the game disproves a tactic, it’ll likely set official rules or features that prohibit players from taking advantage of these loopholes. Both camping and sniping make the enemies vulnerable.

But not all campers and snipers are skilled. Ultimately, any unfair advantage still depends on the gamer’s skills.

5. What Games Use Camping and Sniping?

You can camp and snipe in any first or third-person shooter game. You can do it in a solo or online multiplayer game.

However, doing so in a multiplayer game is much more sensible.

If you decide to camp in a game, you may anticipate hostility. Since many players despise the strategy, they often call people out for it.

This is especially true for games that allow you to use a mic to talk trash to other players.

Top shooting games where you can use these strategies include:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Although this is a tactical single-player game, it has multiplayer modes that allow you to camp and snipe – a battle royal type of gameplay.
  • Call of Duty Mobile. This other Call of Duty game is an easy example of camping and sniping. You’ll probably experience the most spawning in this game.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this game, a perfect sniper shot is not enough. It’s a hyper-competitive game if you’re serious about practicing your sniping skills. Some argue that it has the best sniper rifle in gameplay.
  • Valorant. This online multiplayer game is getting all the hype for a good reason. In this gameplay, you’re free to snipe around and then camp at a base the moment your team plants a spike. The spike offers ultimate protection.
  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Everybody knows PUBG. Sniper rifles are a great option with the number of weapons and vehicles you can choose. It’s the best way to get those headshots from afar.
What Games Use Camping and Sniping

Camping is Controversial While Sniping is Fair in Shooting Games…

Camping and sniping are strategies you can use to win shooting games. However, they are not viewed as equal strategies.

Camping is seen as unfair, while sniping is acceptable. Camping involves holding a position throughout the game.

Sniping involves shooting from a position where you expect an enemy to come through. Although you can camp and snipe simultaneously, you can perform them separately.

The game is about winning, and if a strategy gives an unfair advantage, the developers themselves often prevent loopholes from being exploited.

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