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A folding camping chair is a must-have for many campers who want to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you want to sit by the fire, keep your toes in the water on the beach, or kick back and enjoy a good book, you need to know where to turn. Many chairs are on the market today, making it hard to choose which is best.

To help guide your purchase decision, we’ve compiled an objective look at the best folding camping chairs here.

If you want to know the best folding camping chair in a hurry, we recommend the Kelty Low-Loveseat Camping Chair for its high weight capacity, durable construction, affordability, and roomy dimensions.

Best Folding Camping Chair

 Comparison of the Top Foldable Camping Chairs

ProductOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong
86An investment for the long haul.Check Out On Amazon
REI Co-Op Camp X Chair
REI Camp X
84Budget Buy
A solid contender on the durability metric.
Check Out On REI
Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair
Kijaro Dual Lock
82Its USP is its locking function.Check Out On Amazon
CLIQ Camping Chair
CLIQ Portable
82High End
The tallest chair on this list.
Check Out On Amazon
Kelty Low-Loveseat Camping Chair
Kelty Low-Loveseat
90Top Pick
Comes with two insulated drink holders.
Check Out On Amazon
Big Agnes Big Six Camp Chair
Big Agnes Big Six
80Most lightweight option.Check Out On Amazon

Detailed Analysis Of The Best Folding Camping Chairs

1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong (Best for high weight capacity)

Review - ALPS Mountaineering King Kong

Overall Score: 86


  • Roomy seat
  • High weight capacity (800 lbs.)
  • Generous dimensions
  • Lots of storage options


  • A bit heavier to carry
  • Not the cheapest option


Campers who want a chair that will be comfortable while remaining durable will want to stop to consider the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong.

This chair is designed to be an investment in your gear for the long haul. The frame is made of powder-coated steel to stand up to the standard wear and tear you put your gear through.

Furthermore, the fabric is a 600D polyester that will last you for years. It’s comfortable on your skin when you sit in it.

Plus, it feels nice and sturdy to give you that feeling of stability that you want in a folding chair.

Weight Capacity

The King Kong is a great option for anyone worried about size and weight capacity. This chair can hold a whopping 800 pounds, allowing it to work for just about anyone.

That being said, this folding camping chair isn’t going to weigh you down. Just because it’s rated for a high weight capacity, it’s still relatively easy to carry at just 13 pounds. 


One of the great things about the ALPS chair is that it has plenty of storage features. Each arm has a cup holder so you can easily place your drink regardless of whether you’re right- or left-handed.

There are additional pockets along the side of the chair and another on the back. This is perfect for storing your tech gear off the ground and making it accessible when you want it most.


Despite being so solid and heavy-duty, this chair doesn’t take up much room. The dimensions on this chair come in at 38″ wide by 20″ deep by 38″ high.

However, most people want to know just how roomy the seat of the chair is. To this end, you’ll find plenty of space to move around and adjust as needed. The seat measures 24.5 inches.


Given the study construction of this chair, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that it’s still an affordable option.

While it’s more expensive than a chair that you could pick up at your local big box store, it also has some features that you won’t get on a more basic version. It’s worth every penny of the modest price tag.

2. REI Co-Op Camp X Chair

Review - REI Co-Op Camp X Chair
Budget Buy

Overall Score: 84


  • Dries quickly when exposed to water and inclement weather
  • Affordable
  • Cinch pocket for valuables


  • Lower weight capacity (300 lbs.)


The REI name brand is a great contender when you want something durable.

This Co-Op Camp X Chair is a great entry point into the market, with thick-walled steel tubing covered in a powder coating to last for the long haul.

This is one chair you’ll have for years to come, and you won’t have to worry about it showing too much wear and tear.

The seat itself is made of mono-mesh and polyester. This combination is highly resistant to the usual wear and tear that a camping chair will encounter.

If it gets wet in a rainstorm or a spill, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the fabric drains well and dries quickly so you can return to sitting comfortably.

Weight Capacity

Unfortunately, this chair doesn’t have the same maximum weight capacity that you’ll find in the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong.

That being said, it still has a pretty high weight capacity that can accommodate many campers of different sizes.

The overall weight capacity clocks in at 300 pounds. It’s also lighter to carry at just seven pounds, making up for the low weight capacity.


This chair comes with some bells and whistles that are nice to have in a folding camping chair. First up, it has an integrated cup holder (right armrest) designed to hold various shapes and containers.

The cup holder is designed not just for water bottles but also for mugs and long-neck glass bottles.

On the opposite armrest, you’ll find a drop-down pocket where you can keep your valuables so that they’re handy and accessible whenever you need them.

Better yet, this pocket can cinch closed with a cord lock. You can rest assured that your items will remain in their pocket until you’re ready to use them.


You’ll find that this chair also has some smaller dimensions than the King Kong. This makes it a bit more compact, allowing it to fit in with your other gear when necessary.

This chair takes up 31″ high by 31.25″ wide by 20″ deep when unfolded. The seat height is 10.5 inches, so consider whether this is sufficient for your height and frame. 


Given that this chair comes from the prestigious REI name brand, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s relatively affordable.

It doesn’t cost much more than a basic folding chair, and it has some great features, comfortable dimensions, and sturdy construction.

If you’re shopping on a budget, this is the chair you want to add to your list.

3. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair (Best for transporting)

Review - Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

Overall Score: 82


  • Dual lock for when in use and when folded away
  • Mesh back for breathability
  • Padded seat and headrest
  • Option to buy compatible sun umbrella


  • Lower weight capacity (300 lbs.)
  • Somewhat of an investment


If you want a seat designed to remain comfortable well into the future, then the Kijaro may be the right fit for you. One of the benefits of this chair is that it’s made of 600 x 300D ripstop polyester.

This is an extremely durable material, but that isn’t all.

The Dual Lock from Kijaro also has a feature known as no-sag seating so that you can remain comfortable no matter how much or how long you use this chair.

Another thing to note is that the back also is made of a durable mesh material.

This allows the air to circulate on hot days, keeping you cool. In this comfortable seating option, you won’t find your shirt plastered to your back with sweat. 

Weight Capacity

This folding camping chair is very similar to the REI Co-Op in its weight capacity. Not much will compare to the ALPS Mountaineering King Kong, but this is still a very durable option.

It holds a person up to 300 pounds, as is the standard for many of the folding camping chairs that you’ll find on this ranking. 


As the name implies, one of the best features of this chair is its locking function. It locks open to give you peace of mind and more stability.

When you’re finished with it, it also locks closed, so it’s much easier to transport. The dual lock is a unique feature you won’t find on many camping chairs.

This chair also has a padded seat and headrest for comfort.

One other important aspect to mention is the storage options that you’ll find on this Kijaro chair. It comes with a zip pocket, a mesh pocket, and a cellphone holder to keep everything you need at your fingertips.

Not to mention, it has dual cup holders so that you can easily keep your drink nearby.


This chair is nice and roomy with generous dimensions compared to others on the market. The chair’s overall dimensions are 37.4″ high by 35.4″ wide by 26″ long.

Even though this is a very generously-sized chair, it doesn’t take up much room in your pack. The total weight of the chair comes in at just 9.4 pounds.


This chair is a little bit of an investment, but it’s well worth the price if you’re tired of your folding chairs opening and closing while you transport.

You can even get it in a bundle with an umbrella to protect you from the sun if you so desire. If you want to invest in your camping gear, this is one option you’ll want to consider.  

4. CLIQ Portable Camping Chair (Best for moderate weight capacity)

Review - CLIQ Camping Chair
High End

Overall Score: 82


  • Easy setup and locks into place
  • Durable construction
  • Higher weight capacity (350 lbs.)


  • Expensive
  • Lacks organization options on the chair


If you want a folding camping chair built to last you for years to come, then the CLIQ is the investment you need to make now.

The frame consists of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is a very sturdy option compared to some models. Beyond that, even the chair’s fabric is designed with a long lifespan in mind.

The fabric is waterproof, tearproof ripstop ballistic nylon. It’s even twice-stitched to ensure it remains stable for the years ahead.

This is an investment in your camping gear, and you want to choose something built to last.

Weight Capacity

Despite the unique appearance of this chair, you’ll find that it can easily support higher weights than the average camping folding chair.

The weight capacity is 350 pounds, making it better for a heavier individual than the REI and the Kijaro, that only hold 300 pounds. If every pound matters to you, then the CLIQ is the way to go.


This chair is designed for your ultimate comfort. First and foremost, it has a high back with a built-in headrest and pillow to support the neck.

It’s also extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is undo the strap, extend the arms, and the chair is ready to be used.

It has a push-button design that locks the chair into place, so you don’t have to worry while using it. It has some basic functions regarding cupholders, with a single one and a place to store your cell phone.

Instead, it offers pockets in the carry bag that makes it easy to fit in extra gear for a day on the trail or the beach.


This chair is uniquely made and designed, but it still has some generous dimensions that you’ll want to be aware of.

It comes in at 42″ high, making it the tallest chair we’ve covered so far and well above the norm for folding camping chairs.

It also measures 29″ wide, a little narrower than some, and 31″ deep. It’s also extremely easy to carry at just 5.8 pounds.


Given that this chair is more advanced than many on the market, you’ll find that it comes with a hefty price tag. This is a great option if you want something that lasts.

When you have little wiggle room to invest in something nicer, the CLIQ should make it to the top of your list.

5. Kelty Low-Loveseat Camping Chair

Review - Kelty Low-Loveseat Camping Chair
Top Pick

Overall Score: 90


  • Made for two people to share with higher weight capacity
  • Durable puppy-proof fabric
  • Insulated and padded seat
  • Affordable


  • Minimal pockets for organization
  • Low to the ground


This chair is uniquely made to seat two people, meaning it needs to be made of the most durable material possible.

The frame is constructed of durable steel, while the seat is made from 600D polyester. They even boast that the fabric is puppy-proof.

It’s cushioned and insulated, making it a great option for campers who want to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. 

Weight Capacity

As you might expect from a chair made for two, it does have a higher weight capacity. Two full-size adults should be able to fit easily in this loveseat with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.

Many campers would prefer the weight capacity to be a little higher, given that most of the individual seats on the market can accommodate 300 pounds per person, but this is still a good option depending on your size.

Don’t write it off too quickly if you want a chair where you can still snuggle up with your friends, dog, or partner.


A neat feature of the Kelty loveseat is that it comes with two insulated drink holders (one on each armrest).

The pockets leave room for snacks, so you don’t have to worry about setting your food on the ground while you nosh. Plus, the armrests are adjustable to stay as comfortable as possible.

Another thing to mention is that it’s relatively close to the ground. This makes it the perfect chair for beach camping, as you can sit with your feet in the water while keeping your seat dry. 


This is easily the roomiest folding camping chair that you’ll find here. Even if you decide not to share your space with someone else, you’ll love how easy it is to sprawl out on the generous dimensions of this loveseat.

The chair’s dimensions come to 31.5″ high by 44″ wide by 23.5″ long. It’ll be easy to carry with just 15 pounds when folded up.


Given that this chair combines two seats into one fixture, this is worth every penny. It’s a great affordable solution for your camping chair and will last for the long haul.

For the price, you simply can’t find anything else that will beat the Kelty. Order this one now if you have little money to buy two seats and know you’ll use them.

6. Big Agnes Big Six Camp Chair

Review - Big Agnes Big Six Camp Chair

Overall Score: 80


  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seat design


  • Lacks basic features like pockets and cup holders
  • On the expensive side


Like many other options on our ranking here, the Big Agnes is a comfortable chair designed to last you well into the future.

The chair is covered with a waterproof UTS coating, so you can use it in just about any climate and weather condition.

The fabric is a high-tenacity Robic yarn stronger than the standard polyester ripstop. The frame is also made of aluminum, giving it a lightweight feel if you have a long way to carry it. 

Weight Capacity

The Big Agnes is right in line with many of the other folding camping chairs when it comes to your overall weight capacity.

It can accommodate any person up to 300 pounds. Despite the chair’s durable construction, it simply isn’t made to hold anything heavier than this. 


One area where Big Agnes doesn’t particularly shine is in the features department. It lacks even the basic cupholders that come standard on many other folding camping chairs.

You won’t have any place to store your snacks or cell phone, so be prepared to stash them on a nearby table or the ground.

However, that’s not to say that it lacks good features all the way around. Its ergonomic seat is the ultimate comfort because it lends stability and width.

When you recline in this chair, you’ll find it easy to want to stay all day instead of getting up to stretch a stiff back every half hour or so. 


This folding camping chair is also extremely roomy. It has a wide seat, much like the ALPS King Kong, with a width of 24″ and a 26″ seat depth.

You’ll sit relatively close to the ground, but getting up and down from this chair at 20″ off the ground will still be easy.

A good thing to note is that the aluminum construction of this chair makes it extremely lightweight at just a touch over three pounds. 


Given the lack of features on this chair, it’s a little expensive for most people. If you want a chair that promises to be as lightweight as possible, you may want to consider the Big Six Camp Chair.

You’ll pay for the sturdy and lightweight construction, but it might be worth the investment if you travel frequently or far with your camping chair.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this comprehensive look at the best camping folding chairs, it’s easy to see that you have many options.

Whether you want something ultra-lightweight or something durable and roomy, you can choose what features matter most.

We recommend the Kelty Low-Loveseat Camping Chair because it has a great weight capacity, some nice features, and durable construction, but you can decide which is the right fit for your gear!

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