Best Budget Winter Sleeping Bags | Our Top Choices

Finding the right sleeping bag can be tricky at the best of times, but finding one that will keep you safe and warm while winter camping at a reasonable price can be even harder.

The best winter sleeping bags will keep you safe down to at least 15F and provide optimal comfort without weighing down your pack. Fortunately, it’s possible to find a cozy and reliable winter sleeping bag that ticks all the boxes. We’ve rounded up the best winter sleeping bags for under $100.

To make your life easier, we’ve tried, tested, and rated a range of winter sleeping bags with all the details below. If none of those are what you’re looking for, we’ve also provided a brief sleeping bag characteristics guide to help you search for the perfect product.

Best Winter Sleeping Bags On A Budget

Compare Top Budget Winter Bags For Sleeping

Sleeping BagOverall ScoreBottom LinePrice
BESSPORT Mummy 2-Layer

76Top Pick

Perfect for damper camping trips
Check Out On Amazon

TETON Sports Leef
68Best anti-snag zippersCheck Out On Amazon
Coleman North Rim

Coleman North Rim
68High End

Certified down to 0F
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Tuphen Sleeping Bag
72Budget Buy

Double-stuffed for extra warmth
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LONDTREN 0 Degrees

LONDTREN 0 Degrees
62The most spacious bag on this listCheck Out On Amazon
RIOYALO 0 Degree

RIOYALO 0 Degree
52Effective waterproof coatingCheck Out On Amazon

Detailed Analysis Of Different Budget Winter Sleeping Bags

1. BESSPORT Mummy 2-Layer

BESSPORT Mummy 2-Layer - Review
Top Pick

Overall Score: 76


The silk-like taffeta 240T polyester lining of the Bessport offers a fantastic level of comfort, with the material feeling smooth and gentle against your skin.

It also provides exceptional breathability making the sleeping bag just as suitable for use in the summer months as it is in winter.


With a double-layer of imitation down filling, this bag provides superb insulation and is rated as suitable for temperatures as low as 15F.

The filling consists of spray-bonded cotton that is extremely effective at trapping heat and will likely negate the need for extra layers at night, and the zipper has a windshield running the bag length to keep out any cool air.


The ripstop polyester outer shell provides more durability than many other budget winter sleeping bags, and you’re less likely to pick up any tears or holes in the fabric.

The bag is highly water-resistant, which makes it perfect for damper camping trips. The anti-snag zipper prevents the material from being caught up and ripping during opening or closing.


The Bessport is pretty light, weighing in at just 4.4lbs. Rather than a stuff sack, it comes in a handy compression bag that can pack down to 15.7″ x 11.8″.

This size may still be a little too big if you’re limited on pack space but shouldn’t pose an issue to most campers.


The Bessport is priced such that you get many ‘bags for your buck’….. see what we did there?

We would like to have seen a lower temperature rating at this price point, but the synthetic down filling is a reasonable alternative to the real stuff, and 15F is perfectly suitable for most winter trips.


  • Highly comfortable lining
  • Durable ripstop shell


  • Would prefer a lower temperature grading for the price

2. TETON Sports Leef

TETON Sports LEEF - Review

Overall Score: 68


We found the TETON Sports Leef extremely comfortable thanks to the silky brushed poly-flannel lining.

The three-piece hood is well-padded to the point you’ll only need a small pillow for extra support at night.

It also features a foot box which we feel is a must-have for mummy-style sleeping bags; those that miss out on this feature can make your feet feel cramped throughout the night, but this wasn’t an issue here.


The Leef is rated to 34F for comfort and 23F as a lower limit, meaning if the temperature sits within that range, you may want an extra layer depending on your preference.

This bag is also rated down to -8F for survival, so if temperatures drop that low overnight, you might not be warm, but you’ll be safe from hypothermia.

The hood pulls in tightly for extra warmth, and the synthetic microfiber fill does a superb job of retaining heat.


The Leef’s ripstop polyester shell is highly durable, and you’re unlikely to run into any issues with rips or tears.

While many bags feature anti-snag zippers these days, we felt these were the most effective of the selection we tested, and the fact they were taped ensured no breeze could get in.


At 4.2lbs, the Leef could be lighter. However, this is a pretty impressive figure when factoring in the warmth-to-weight ratio.

It also packs down to 15″ x9″, which, when considering this is the same size as the packed-down Tuphen, is no mean feat.


The TETON Sports Leef is the priciest sleeping bag on this list. However, its comfort level and its fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio make it superb value for money and hard to beat.


  • Excellent warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Reliable anti-snag zipper


  • Expensive compared to other budget sleeping bags.

3. Coleman North Rim

Coleman North Rim - Review

Overall Score: 68

High End


We found the interior of the North Rim to be perfectly comfortable throughout the night and suitable for campers of most body shapes and sizes.

Some people may not like the mummy-style bag as it’s a snug fit, but this is a regular feature of bags for extremely low temperatures.

In addition, the hood’s comfort cuff is a nice touch that provides comfort for your face throughout the night.


This sleeping bag is certified down to 0F, so it’ll keep you warm at night in pretty much any winter weather condition.

The quilting construction is specifically designed for heat retention, and the foot box features extra insulation to keep your feet warm throughout the night.

As an added touch, the North Rim also has a draft tube running along the zip’s inner seam to prevent extra heat loss.


We experienced no issues with the polyester build of the North Rim, and it can be put through its paces. The zipper is on the smaller side.

However, the ZipPlow system pushes fabric away from the bag’s seams when you’re sipping the bag, removing the risk of the material being snagged and torn.


There’s no denying this bag is a whopper, weighing in at nearly 6.5lbs, so it’s potentially unsuitable if you’re trying to optimize your pack space, save on weight, or take it on long hikes.

The North Rim does come with a stuff sack but getting the sleeping bag back into it was a somewhat laborious process.


The North Rim is one of the most expensive sleeping bags on this list, but we’d still firmly class it as great value for money when factoring in how well it holds up in the coldest of winter temperatures and the level of comfort it offers.


  • 0F Certified
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Heavy compared to most other bags

4. Tuphen Sleeping Bag

Tuphen - Review
Budget Buy

Overall Score: 72


The 190T pongee lining of the Tuphen sleeping bag offers a silk-like feel providing a solid level of comfort, and dries extremely quickly if you’re someone who tends to sweat while they sleep.

Additionally, the Tuphen is rectangular as opposed to a mummy-shaped bag.

While this may not be as warm as mummy bags, some campers find mummy bags a little too claustrophobic and prefer the internal space afforded by a rectangular equivalent.


The Tuphen uses hollow microfiber cotton for its filling, which provides a decent level of insulation and is double-stuffed for extra warmth.

While this bag is advertised as suitable for four seasons, we wouldn’t recommend using it below 40F.

This may be warm enough for milder winters when paired with a camping quilt, but it won’t be enough for sub-zero temperatures.


The Tuphen’s shell is nylon which gives it an edge over some of its polyester rivals in terms of durability; nylon is also stretchier, so it should retain its shape and quality through multiple uses and machine washes.

Pongee is also a great choice of material for the interior lining as it’s easy to clean, resists stretching and shrinking, and is resistant to mold and mildew.


At 3lbs, the Tuphen bag can be considered lightweight. It comes with a compression carry bag that can be squeezed down to 15″ x9″, which makes it extremely portable.

It’s a great option for ultra-lightweight winter camping and hiking and will fit easily into most packs.


The Tuphen sleeping bag costs you next to nothing compared to other bags on the list, making it the cheapest sleeping bag on our list.

The trade-off here is warmth as it can’t quite compete with slightly pricier bags, but for milder temperatures, you won’t find a better bag at this price.


  • Great price
  • Highly portable


  • Not suitable for below-freezing temperatures

5. LONDTREN 0 Degrees Wide

LONDTREN 0 Degrees - Review

Overall Score: 62


The Londtren is the most spacious bag on this list and, at 40″ wide, is ideal if you tend to toss and turn a bit in the night or are above average height.

We found the microfiber flannel lining to be extremely soft and comfortable.

Still, it’s a material known to hold moisture without wicking it away, meaning you may be in for a damp night if the air is humid or you tend to sweat a lot while you sleep.


This bag is safety-rated to 0F with a comfort rating of 20F-55F, so it should be suitable for all but the coldest temperatures.

The thick shoulder belt provides an extra layer of upper body padding, and the drawstring hood helps trap even more heat in the bag.

The Londtren also features a draft excluder down the length of the zipper to prevent cold air from getting in and heat from escaping.


The 210T polyester shell is highly water-resistant, and ripstop technology bolsters the Londtren’s tough factor so you can put it through its paces.

The waterproof compression sack will also protect the sleeping bag from the elements when packed away.


The Londtren’s compression sack packs down to around 13″ x8″, which is the most compact on this list. However, you might be surprised that this sleeping bag is also the heaviest, weighing nearly 7.5lbs.

The weight is a trade-off for the extra sleeping room, so you’ll need to decide whether it’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make.


The Londtren comes in at a very reasonable price for a bag of this quality, especially given its size and the fact it can comfortably handle sub-zero temperatures.


  • Extremely spacious
  • Very compact when stored in a compression sack


  • Heavy
  • Flannel lining can retain moisture

6. RIOYALO 0 Degree

RIOYALO 0 Degree - Review

Overall Score: 52


The Rioyalo features a 190T imitation-silk pongee lining that feels sleek and smooth against the skin while remaining highly breathable all night.

We found the rectangular shape gave us plenty of wiggle room during the night, although the comfort rating is let down by the lack of padding in the hood, so we’d recommend pairing it with a thick pillow.


The Rioyalo is described as a four-season sleeping bag with a rating of 5F-32F. However, upon testing, it felt like this should have been rated in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit.

The internal wind buffer prevented any cool air from getting in at night, but we’d be tempted to rate this as a three-season bag. It may be suitable for some winter camping trips but not in sub-zero temperatures.


The 210T ripstop nylon shell of the Rioyalo is extremely hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant and features an effective waterproof coating that should hold up in all-weather.

The seams of the outer layer are particularly well-made to protect against extreme weather. However, the zippers could be more durable.


Weighing 4.1lbs and packing down to 8″x18″, the Rioyalo is a lightweight bag and will fit most packs. However, we feel the weight-to-warmth ratio could be better than other sleeping bags on this list.


The Rioyalo is a reasonably-priced budget sleeping bag and not a bad choice if you’re looking to save money.

If you’re looking to camp in more extreme temperatures, though, we’d suggest spending a little extra on a warmer bag.


  • Comfortable inner lining


  • More suited for three-season use than four
  • Poor quality zippers

What To Look For In A Winter Sleeping Bag?

When shopping for winter sleeping bags, you’ll find things easier when you know exactly what characteristics to look out for based on your requirements.

Below is a brief yet handy guide on the different aspects of sleeping bags to help you decide.

1. Size

Sleeping bags don’t have a standardized sizing guide, with most using generic sizing like Small, Medium, and Large to define how big they are.

If you can’t figure out what size best suits you, most items have reviews where previous buyers will let you know which may be suitable.

2. Shape

While there are technically numerous different sleeping bag shapes depending on who you ask, for the most part, there are three you’ll want to be aware of.

Rectangular sleeping bags are hoodless and usually have a zip along the bottom and side edge, allowing them to be opened fully like a quilt.

These can be useful if you zip two sleeping bags together to fit two people in.

Semi-rectangular bags will have a hood that can provide more warmth and comfort at night. However, they normally can’t be linked together.

Mummy-style sleeping bags are hooded and tend to offer the most warmth as they fit close to the body. However, some people find them a little claustrophobic.

Mummy sleeping bags taper down towards the end of your body, so if you’re opting for this style, look for a bag with a foot box that provides much-needed space for your feet.

3. Weight

The weight of sleeping bags can vary a lot based on the materials they’re made from, and while warmer sleeping bags may tend to be heavier, this isn’t always the case.

Whatever bag you choose, make sure it’s fit for purpose if you’re carrying it on your back for long distances.

4. Outer Material

Sleeping bags are almost always constructed from synthetic materials like polyester or nylon as these are breathable, durable, and water-resistant.

Ripstop fabric is a good choice as it lowers the risk of your bag tearing.

5. Fill Material

The best sleeping bag filling is undoubtedly down as it offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio of all materials. However, down is not cheap, so you’re unlikely to find a bag with a down filling for under $100.

Fortunately, several cheaper, synthetic alternatives are available such as hollow microfiber cotton, shallow-bonded cotton, and polyester imitation down.

6. Lining

Some campers will always opt for a separate sleeping bag liner, with silk being the most comfortable yet most expensive option.

Pongee and taffeta are great, silk-like alternatives that are breathable and mold-resistant.

On the flip side, avoid traditional fabrics like cotton or flannel as these can retain moisture and result in a damp sleeping experience.


7. Zips

While some sleeping bags are zipless, the majority feature zips, and the quality of these can be made or broken when it comes to bag quality.

Keep an eye out for zips with a windshield to prevent cold air from entering your sleeping bag or the cool metal making contact with your skin.

It’s also a good idea to go with an anti-snag zip as this will prevent the bag’s fabric from getting caught and potentially tearing.


After our in-depth testing, our pick of the bunch for the best budget winter sleeping bag is the Bessport Mummy 2-Layer.

Not only is it graded for sub-zero winter temperatures, but it remains a highly portable bag for lightweight camping with supreme comfort at a superb price.

Overall, we hope this list has demonstrated that it’s possible to find a sleeping bag for winter camping that can handle the lowest temperatures without breaking the bank.

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