Amish RV Skirting | Fundamentals And Alternatives

One product you may not consider common in the Amish community is RV skirting. Amish RV skirting is now a renowned piece of craftsmanship that people travel from afar to purchase. Here we talk you through everything you need to know about it!

Amish RV skirting is handmade RV skirting that is constructed using canvas and protects the underside of your RV to prevent the pipes from freezing. Since Amish skirting is predominantly canvas fabric, it is durable and extremely easy to install.

Keep reading to discover all you need to know about Amish RV skirting or skip to see what alternative skirting options you could try!

Fundamentals Of Amish RV Skirting

We explain to you exactly what Amish RV skirting is, give you a brief history of how it began, its qualities, and where you can find them.

If searching for Amish RV skirting is too much of an inconvenience, then we’ve got 6 skirting alternatives you can consider!

1. What is Amish RV Skirting?

When you first hear ‘RV skirting,’ you probably imagine DIY plywood skirting or a custom-made skirt by a big brand such as AirSkirts┬«.

Amish RV skirting is handmade RV skirting that is constructed using canvas and protects the underside of your RV to prevent the pipes from freezing.

The Amish communities in Indiana offer this service given that the birth of RV manufacturing originated there.

Below we explain exactly how Amish RV skirting began, what the quality is like, where you can find it and how it rivals big RV skirting brands.

What is Amish RV Skirting

2. Beginning Of Amish RV Skirting

When RV manufacturing began in the 1930s in Elkhart, Indiana, it offered seasonal work to Amish communities.

Towards the 1950s, it started to employ nearly half of the Amish men from settlements in the area in full-time roles.

Amish men took up this full-time employment due to the economic squeeze and rising costs of living.

Alongside the competition with American mega farm corporations, there was a reduction in the likelihood that Amish families could own farmland.

Nowadays, Amish men still work in these factories with higher wages and craftsmanship that’s renowned.

3. Quality of Amish RV Skirting

As mentioned previously, most Amish RV skirting is made from canvas. Canvas is a durable fabric that acts well in winter to insulate the underneath of your RV.

The canvas has several pockets attached to the bottom, which adds weight to the skirting to reduce its movement in the wind.

This design adds more stability to the skirting structure than foam board skirting, which can be less effective in stormy weather.

The canvas skirting is also easy to attach and install, making them equally as convenient.

4. Finding Amish RV Skirting

As you’d expect, most Amish RV skirting can be sourced close to Amish settlements. In northern Indiana, most men under 65 in the Nappanee and Elkhart-La Grange settlements work in the RV factories.

This is a spot to search if you’re looking for Amish RV skirting.

There is an Amish shop located between Shipshewana and Elkhart that is renowned for its RV offerings. It is a small Amish shop run by a man named Orvin, famous for RV skirting.

Since this shop is located in the middle of an Amish area, there are no coordinates, and a phone number is unavailable.

If you want Amish RV skirting, it’s best to enquire with someone in the area who could point you in the right direction to Orvin’s shop.

5. Amish RV Skirting vs Big RV brands – Possible Rivalry?

Experts in the RV craft make Amish RV skirting. The skirting is effective, insulating, durable, and practical.

While the skirting itself is extremely effective compared to other big RV brand products, the scale of which the Amish can make RV skirting would never rival that of skirting corporations.

If you are searching for aesthetically pleasing RV skirting that is crafted with care and precision, then you should look into Amish RV skirting.

If you need an RV skirt that is more convenient or cheaper, look for custom brands in your area, or read some of our DIY skirting options below. 

Alternatives to Amish RV Skirting

If traveling to Indiana for RV skirting is a bit out of the way, then we have some RV skirting alternatives that you can also consider.

Below we cover 6 alternatives to Amish RV skirting: vinyl, foam board, plywood, tarps, insulated skirts, and other wild options. These options could be easier to find!

1. Vinyl

Vinyl skirting can be custom-made to fit your RV perfectly. Vinyl skirting is usually heavy-duty and easy to attach. Getting custom skirting made can be an expensive endeavor.

However, you can make your skirt out of recycled vinyl, making it even cheaper. The only downside of vinyl is its lack of insulation in super cold temperatures.


2. Foam Board

Foam boards are one of the best RV skirting options for insulation. Foam board skirting is easy to make; you just need foam boards, a way to cut them to size, and strong tape to attach them.

Foam boards are pretty flimsy, so you will need to find a way to reinforce them or strap them down if a storm is coming. 

3. Plywood

Plywood is another sturdy DIY RV skirting idea. It’s easy to source, simple to cut, and works like a charm.

It’ll keep your RV well insulated and won’t knock off easily in a storm. It’s important, though, to recognize that plywood is not as compact as canvas or inflatable skirting.

It’s also not easy to attach and detach, so it’s a better option for a stationary RV in winter.

4. Inflatable Skirts

You can purchase custom inflatable skirts from big brands like AirSkirts®. They are insulating and usually better looking on the campsite than vinyl skirting.

One of the best things about inflatable skirts is their portability. If you’re on the move frequently and need an RV skirt that’s easily portable, then this is a great alternative.

5. Insulated Tarp

Insulated tarps can be mega expensive, but they reduce the heat loss of your RV extensively. They are also heavy enough not to blow up and lose warmth in the wind.

As well as being expensive, insulated tarps are bulky pieces of equipment that may be difficult to pack when you’re not using them. 

6. Other Wild Options

By wild options, we mean skirting alternatives that can be sourced when you’re on the road. This could include straw bales which could be found at a local farm.

They are extremely insulating and easy to set up. Just keep any fire far away! Another wild option is snow. You can get a skirt for free if you have enough to build a snow skirt around the bottom of your RV.

Other Wild Options

Final Thoughts

We hope this article gave you insight into what Amish RV skirting is.

Although first-hand experiences with Amish RV skirting are limited, we have attempted to provide you with as much information about how it began, what the level of quality is, and where you can find it.

If sourcing Amish RV skirting is too much hassle, you can always choose from one of the DIY or custom options we’ve listed!

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