About Us

Hey there! I’m Shailen Vandeyar. 

Since 2006 I’ve been an active camper, hiker & backpacker. I love to spend my time in nature. With Camping Console, I aim to solve common camping problems and queries through years of experience.

But here’s a confession…

I wasn’t born ‘outdoors-wise.’

Even through my early twenties, despite camping for several years, I kept repeating the same mistakes because I never bothered to explore better ways to improve my experience and make things easier.

Only when I questioned everything I knew was I able to uncover alternative camping opinions and methods that shook my core beliefs.

And that became my driving force. 

“There’s so much I don’t know. I never step out of my comfort zone and limit myself to what I know about camping and interacting with nature.”

In 2018 I got rid of things that kept me unnecessarily busy and made space for workamping.

Soon after, I started Camping Console – a website that helps other campers learn from the trials and errors I went through.

The content had to be uplifting, encouraging, fun, and a place that doesn’t judge others. I wanted to create a go-to resource with trustworthy information to help you with any camping-related queries.

Camping Console would be the perfect resource I didn’t have at the time I needed something similar.

Down the line, a few of my friends who shared the same beliefs teamed up, and now, we create fantastic camping content.

My Team

Since I am not an expert at everything, I have a superb team that helps us with well-researched, factually correct, and super useful content.

A huge shoutout to Grace Arnold, Kathalene Sanders, Joseph Pallante, Ashni Shetty, Shashank Verma, and Bharti Negi!

We all love to learn about camping! Each of us at Camping Console is an enthusiast in one area or another.

From setting up your tent to eating delicious meals, from exploring nature safely to leaving no trace, we have you covered!

Join us to learn how to make camping convenient, nature friendly, and learn some cool tricks along the way. (And yes, the all-important conversation about Friends and The Big Bang Theory!)

Looking forward to hearing from you.